This article was transcribed from the class that Dr. Permut held every Monday night for many years. This class which came to be known as The Monday Night Class consisted of Spiritual Healing for the members present and for those on the Healing List. Both of Dr. Permut's books were studied and at one point in each class Dr. Permut would allow herself to be used by the Higher Source and a message would flow from her for the benefit of all humankind. We have been directed to publish some of these messages. This is one of them.
All rights reserved Copyright © 1984 by Dr. Bess S. Permut

Harvest Your Energy
Coming in Out of the Rain

Each man owes, and is indebted, to the Creator forever as long as he lives on this plane. The only hope that man can have as truth in his heart is that he can and will fulfill his destiny and spiritual growth. That is the hope that man must live by and with, and each day of his life he must fulfill some thing, some part of that destiny and move forward with spiritual growth.

He must reach out to someone and help them each day of his life. He must make an effort to reach out each morning upon awakening by calling all of his angels together by blessing them and asking forgiveness for forgetting to make them a part of his dream and his prayer of the night before.

How many times when we start to give blessings do we forget to include our Master Teachers? We may say “Oh, dear Lord, we thank Thee, we bless Thee, we love Thee, continue to be part of our lives.” But how many times do we mention the Master Teacher, who works so diligently to help bring to you the messages that you need to fulfill your being down on this earth plane and attain greater spiritual growth?

You must remember to reckon with the Creator as well. He asks favors of you. In return, He blesses you a thousand-fold. What favors does He ask of you? To encourage humankind towards spiritual growth and not to give up, not to feel depressed, not to let life pass over him, and not gain anything from the adventure of life. What doth the Lord require of us but to have mercy and justice in our hearts for all of mankind, and to walk humbly in the pathway of the Lord. Thus, sayeth the Creator.

You have found an avenue. You have gained the way into my heart when you live by that simple, simple three-pronged bit of advice, which I have asked of you. Live humbly. There is never a need to be stiff-necked or arrogant. No matter what you attain on this earth, can you forget your humble beginnings? For each man has a humble beginning. We must never forget where we came from. We must never forget our roots, for that is part of the plan to learn how to live your future life. If you forget all about the present and the past, then there’s no future. For the future is the past reincarnated with parts of the present.

So, learn to harvest your energy by continuing to bless the Creator and bless the Master Teachers. Count on them for their help. As long as you bless them, they will bless you with spiritual growth. As long as you bless humankind, blessings will come unto you. You harvest what you sow, so if you sow bitterness and hatred toward people, that is what you will harvest: Bitterness and hatred. So, come in, come in out of the rain. Feel the moisture, but know the security of the love and the help of the Creator and the light and warmth of His love that bathes your body, your soul. Come in out of the rain and enjoy your life.

Too many of you stand around looking for answers that cannot come because you will not let them come. Too many of you stand in your own light. You do not allow freedom of the soul to come forth and investigate the future for you or show you the future. You stand in your own light. You are akin to the small man who stood around wondering why he had not grown in height. He wondered what he had missed in this life instead of coming out for himself and thinking, “I’m not as small as a thimble, I’m larger than a thumb. I am, in my Creator's eyes, as large as any man.”

He then could have found his way. There is no man, no matter what his profession might be, he may be a butcher, a plumber, a street worker. It doesn’t matter. There is no man, who cannot look back upon his life and find happiness and joy, if he allows that to happen. It doesn’t matter what you do in this World for a living, it’s how you react to what you are doing and to the people with whom you work that brings spiritual growth. If you love your work and it is joyous to you, you bring joy to the people who surround you and in truth happiness brings spiritual growth.

It is then that you have found the secret that the Lord has implanted into each man’s heart: Love, kindness and joy. Forgiveness brings joy, forgiveness brings happiness, forgiveness brings the ultimate of love from the Father, for doesn’t He forgive us when we say to Him, “Father, please forgive us for the sin we have committed against thee and thine.” And, He says, “My child, forgive thyself and I shall forgive thee in truth.”

And so, as a Master of Truth, as I have stood before you this night, I have not wavered in my words to you. I have expressed to you exactly what the Creator has taught us. To love one another, to love Him, to love your fellow Masters, and in turn, to love thyself. In The Creator, we must always trust and have faith, for He is the outlook. He is the one like the man in the lighthouse watching so that no wrecks occur. He does not want your life to be a wreck. He doesn’t want you to look for wreckage in this lifetime. He wants you to fulfill the purpose that you came. So, let the Master of the lighthouse have the realm and be at the helm of your ship, and let him guide that vessel safely to the other shore.

May He bless each and every one of you and may happiness reign supreme in your hearts and in your soul and, thus, your love for mankind will be rewarded as well and you will experience spiritual growth. I take leave.

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