Grief and loss can manifest in many different ways. Your world is different now. You may not be sure what to do next. You may feel very hesitant and unsure of yourself and your ability to make decisions. These feelings may lead to figeting and restlessness. You may have difficulty sleeping as a result.

These are normal responses to grief. But while they may be normal they do not need to be permanent. First step is becoming aware of these feelings. Often the impact of grief becomes so all-consuming that there appear to be no other options available.

Sit down, close your eyes. Focus on your breathing. Notice how you are feeling. Notice any tenseness or restlessness in your body or your mind.

In this moment you are becoming aware of yourself on a deeper level. And this awareness can open up new options. You may not have previously realized how tense you really are. This realization immediately presents you with options. And seeing options is the beginning of change.

Author's Bio: 

Sandy Clendenen lost her husband and best friend in 1999, after twenty-one years of marriage. Her grief process was lengthy and complex. Sandy felt stuck in layers of unresolved grief. As part of her heaing, Sandy filled numerous journals with her thoughts and feelings. A review of these journals several years later revealed insights into the grief process which Sandy is now committed to sharing with other grievers. Sandy attended seminary for 3 years. She also received her Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology. Sandy has also worked in various areas of hands on healing. Sandy incorporates her vast personal experience and education into her grief coaching products and services.

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