When large-scale events occur there is a great degree of shock and upheaval for those directly involved and for those aware of the devastation. The energies for healing in this mantra and meditation will help in all situations where personal and global healing is needed.

There is always more shock, confusion and grief when the understanding and realization of the storm’s, earth quake's, natural or manmade disaster's severity actually hits. Through the weeks and following a much longer timeline, the pure scope of the expansive damage will be revealed. Initially, we do not know how much is lost. We do not know the scope. What we do know is that the confusion and shock and stillness of this event, is now silently present. We know that many lives are lost. We know that the devastation of this hurricane will be far reaching and beyond our personal comprehension. We watch with compassion and love for those touched by the event.

In these events, many of us work to help our planet move her energies in the most blessed way. We have also been working with all of humanity to help infuse the blessed energies in this time. This time, we can incorporate these blessed energies to help uplift the shock and confusion in those areas. It is always worth noting, that one must grieve, one must grapple and then one can heal. This does not mean that one specifically suffers with those feelings and emotions, but to experience the loss and to live with the devastation of cities and disrupted lives is exactly what is happening. To try to send healing energies at this time is to minimize the process of grieving and releasing that is simply appropriate for now. Many people are still in crisis. Many people are displaced and searching for lost loved ones. Their homes are lost. Their lives may be buried under water or debris. We send love and comfort as simply our connection with humanity.

To help with this flow of energy, Alawashka asks that you chant this simple chant. The energies and vibrations of these words will help lift people into greater clarity so that their paths are more clear and their emotions will flow in the most beneficial manner for them. This chant will also aid the many relief workers, firefighters, national guards, police, care givers and other personnel who are already moving into these affected areas to help in every conceivable way.

This special chant and meditation, written in Alawashka, will bring healing to people, animals and beings who are open and ready to receive. Alawashka is the language and vibrational source of creation. The words and chants in this language bring multidimensional enlightened creation frequencies to you.

Time: 10 minutes to 25 minutes

Center yourself and close your eyes.
Take a slow deep breath and center yourself. Move into a deep space of clarity and relaxation.
Hold a gentle focus on these words and this chant. Allow the energy and words to gentle fill you and carry you energetically. Simply allow yourself to focus softly on the areas touched by the event.


(emp’-shah mah’-ya so)

We Reconnect to the Breath of Oneness

(hay’-shah – lah mah’-ya ho)

The Firm Ground is the Breath of Now

As you feel these energies, notice a calm and soothing flow of breathing as the Universe, the Goddess, and the Divine rocks these energies into a most present and harmonious space. Gently hold that energy and continue to chant as the many beings who have passed on and yet may be caught in the fray begin to feel this calmness. They are no longer in their bodies and yet may be caught in the energy vortex created by this storm. When they are ready, they will transverse to their own next level of being. Watch as you chant and see how easy it is for them to move into their next levels. Also notice, as there may be other people/beings who have been trapped in the more distant past, that can now take this opportunity to leave our world. Allow the energy and words to gentle fill you and hold you. Notice how the vibrations move and allow the process to unfold.

Those people who have been most impacted are those still on our world. They live in and were visiting this area. They are now dealing with loss and confusion. As you chant the Breathing into Being chant, gently direct these energies to the whole area touched by this storm. Allow the fluid and settling energies to move toward any person who is ready to receive this graceful grounding and presence. This comes in the form of a very strong connection with the Divine and also with the strength of our planet and the firm ground of our world. As you send this energy in the form of this chant, it will also reach the animals, plants and minerals to help them smooth the way of their own paths.

As you still continue to chant, those who have come to help, everyone who is helping those in need, will also be supported by this energy and this grace. You will help replenish their own energies and emotions so they may do what is most necessary and caring in the face of this loss and devastation.

Continue to chant these words in Alawashka for ten to twenty minutes.

When you feel complete, when the time is up, when you feel your attention waver, or you become tired complete this meditation.

Take a slow deep breath and gently let go of your connection to sending this energy and this chant.

Take another slow, very deep breath.

Send your personal blessings to those impacted by this event and gently let go of the energy.

Come back to your personal center and individual alignment.
Your meditation is complete.

You may do this meditation as often as you like for as long as you like.

Blessings to all. May you be the lighted bridge for healing.

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