Almost always, you put on either your right shoe initially or your left shoe. Usually, you tie your shoes by either passing the right-hand lace around back of the left-hand lace, or vice versa. Tomorrow morning decide which shoe you put on first and how you lace up your shoes. Now, by putting on the other shoe earlier and tying your shoelaces in a contrary way, consciously resolve that for the next 21 days you are going to structure a new habit.

Now, let this simple act, each morning, work as a reminder to change other habitual ways of acting, feeling and reasoning, as you make up your mind to put on your shoes in a certain manner, throughout that single day. Assert to yourself as you bind your shoes; "in a new and healthier way, I am opening the day." Then, during the day, consciously decide that:
(1).... I will ignore completely and close my mind to all those pessimistic and negative "facts" which I can do nothing to alter.|I will close my mind and dismiss completely all those discouraging and negative "facts" which I can do diddly-squat to modify.|All those disheartening and negative "facts" which I can do diddly-squat to modify, I will close my mind and disregard completely.}

(2).... I will act as calmly and as intelligently as practical, regardless of what happens.

(3).... I will practice smiling at least three times during the day.

(4).... I will not allow my own opinion to color facts in a negative or pessimistic way.

(5).... Insofar as possible, I am going to act as if success were inevitable, and I already am the sort of personality I want to be. "Being like" and "Acting like " this new personality is what I will practice.

(6).... I intend to be a little less nitpicking and a little more forgiving of other people, their errors, failings and mistakes. Whatever peoples actions be, the best possible interpretation is what I’ll award.

(7).... A little more friendly toward other people is how I will try to become and act.

(8).... As chirpy as possible is how I will be.

Uncomplicated? Yes. But each of the above usual ways of acting, feeling, thinking does have beneficial and constructive effect on your self-image. Let 21 days be the time frame to play with these actions. "Live" them, and see if confidence has not been raised, and guilt, aggression, and worry have not been diminished.

Studies have shown time and again, that a period of at least three weeks is required for a permanent reconditioning of the human mind. This is the reason that many direct mail marketers allow you to keep the target product for nearly a full month’s time. After that space of time almost always you develop a sense of full ownership of the goods.

Let 21 days be the time frame to practise these actions. See if worry, guilt, and aggression have not been diminished, and if confidence has not been magnified, after you "Go through" them.

One needs to understand that there is considerable personal damage applied to a mind that is anaesthetised by a routine mental set. This simple set of ‘rules’ assists in alleviating the feelings of being in a rut. And really the only difference between a rut and a grave is; a grave is deeper.

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