The food and drink industry is no longer limited to spending hours in the kitchen or creating unique wines. From food scientist consultant to food and beverage designer, you can try many things in this sector.

food scientist consultant

And if that’s not enough, here are seven other reasons that can tempt anyone to work in this industry:

#1 Numerous Ways To Enter This Sector

There are several entry gates to this industry, including - academic courses from universities, apprenticeship opportunities, part-time jobs, and interesting offers like “taste and win”. Moreover, various companies now offer certification programs for food product development consultants.

#2 Lots of Opportunities

The meals and beverage industry is full of opportunities for those looking for an interesting, rewarding, and well-paid career. Plus, there is a great capacity for adaptation and innovation in this sector. And this is essential for it because consumer demands are changing with time. After the “cholesterol-free” fad, the trend is now for foods free of trans fats to reduce the risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease. So, apart from wider opportunities, you also have the freedom to use any new approach when you work in this line.

#3 There Are Plenty Of Vacancies For New Aspirants

The UK has around 85,000 graduate job openings in a year. However, only 45,000 students complete their graduation. And as per stats, there will be 108,000 open positions in the UK food and drink sector by 2022 to meet the rising consumer demands and replace aged professionals. So, there’s plenty of room for new candidates.

#4 Good Career Stability

The meal and beverage sector offers excellent career prospects. Being the UK’s biggest production sector, it will always demand a huge number of employees. And this is not because everyone loves to eat but to support the innovation in the UK’s world-famous food brands.

#5 You Get To Learn New Skills

Working in this food industry helps you acquire several skills, including logical thinking, elegant communication skills, creativity, leadership, problem-solving and above all - teamwork. If you are already a master of a few of these - you are the right fit for this trade. Once you achieve the skill set, employers will seek out for you.

#6 Equal Value For All Genders

Management of food companies and the Government are buckling down to ensure that there is no gender discrimination in the industry. As a result, 6,000 more women have joined the food and drink sector in the past couple of years.

#7 You Will Have A Unique Experience Each Day

Reading till now, you might have understood that no two days are the same at a job in this sector. Ask anyone working in this industry, and you will know the variation of the roles these professionals fulfil. There are many trades to choose from - food and beverage design consultants , process control, manufacturing, automation, safety, food science, engineering and many more.

So what are you waiting for? Prepare to launch your career in food today!

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