There is something truly inspiring about genuinely kind people. They have the ability to see positive things in people that are difficult to get along with. They can make you feel better with just a few words. Kind people even have this uncanny ability to bring light and positivity to a situation, simply by being present. Have you ever wondered how they do that? How is it that some people can manage to be caring and loving to everybody they encounter, seemingly every single day? As it turns out, kindness is more than just a personality trait. It is the result of a combination of decisions and behaviors that are made each and every day by the kind person. If you’ve ever interacted with a kind person and thought that you would like to be more like them, try picking up a few of the following habits.

1. They Work Hard at Listening
The next time you have a conversation with a genuinely kind person, observe their face and body language. Then, listen to their responses. They lean forward, and they make eye contact. They may even make slight physical contact. They ask questions. They respond to the things you say, rather than simply blurting out their next speaking point. If you’ve spoken with them before, you’ll probably also notice that they remember the things that you’ve told them in previous conversations. These things aren’t learned at birth. It takes a genuine effort to be a truly good listener.

2. They Consider Situations From The Person’s Point of View
Most of us, especially when we are frustrated, tend focus solely on our own point of view. What genuinely kind people are able to do is step back from a situation and consider what the other person may be thinking and feeling. There is a popular meme on social media that illustrates the fact that you never know what internal struggles a person might be facing. Kind people put this sentiment into action.

3. They Don’t Treat Conflict as Something They Need to Win
Have you ever been in an argument with somebody and realized that neither one of you were working towards any kind of resolution. Unfortunately, that’s pretty common. Conflicts devolve into nothing more than exchanges of insults and attempts to outwit or degrade the other person. Kind people have the ability to look at a conflict and, rather than thinking in terms of winning, make the decision to work towards resolution and validation of everybody’s position.

4. They Are Observant
Kind people pay attention. They recognize when somebody is having a bad day. They remember things about the lives of the people they spend time with, so that they can respond to their needs and feelings appropriately. They also take notice of the general mood and energy of the spaces they are in. All of this enables them to do and say things that create positivity and make people feel good. This is why genuinely kind people are truly able to light up a room.

5. They Recognize The Importance of Small Kindnesses
Kind people understand that frequent small gestures of kindness are often more effective at making people feel loved, important, and validated than major displays of kindness. For example, in the workplace, they know that a kind email sent to an coworker having a bad day, offering to take on a task for a stressed out team member, or dropping off a much needed caffeinated beverage without being asked can go a long way in promoting good will.

6. They Have a Genuine Interest in Other People
It can be very difficult to get to know a kind person. This is because they tend to steer conversations so that the focus is on the person with whom they are speaking. This isn’t manipulation. This comes from truly being interested in other people, and wanting to get to know them. This interest is not limited to simply curiosity either. It is also having a deep interest in the thoughts, dreams, concerns, and difficulties that others have, and having the desire to say and do things that help. Most importantly, kind people see everybody as being important and worthy of interest and attention. They recognize that everybody has a story tell, but that not everybody has somebody in their lives who are willing to listen to it.

7. They Practice Good Manners
Kind people understand that practicing good manners and courtesy isn’t a matter of simply following some arbitrary rules that were mostly written centuries ago. They understand that manners exist to ensure a world where everybody feels respected and validated. They also get that exercising common courtesy helps life run more smoothly for everybody, and that this contributes to a more positive mood in the people around them as a whole.

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