The Internet opens unlimited avenues for everyone to make money online. Unfortunately, a lot of ideas available online on how to make money are commonplace. They lack innovation leading young business man to become copycats of successful businesses.

Inadvertently, young businessman get cash-strapped after some time and can get disillusioned with the business. Worse, some young business abandon their venture altogether.

What Does This mean?

Therefore, out-of-the-box thinking and some ingenuity will help young business to make money online. Usually, making money online can be done free or with minimal investment. However, some ventures listed here may need modest investment to reap profits.


Arbitrage is the best optionfor any young business wanting to make money online. The term sounds esoteric, but functions are relatively simple. It means you will take online freelance and crowd-sourced projects from various employers.

Here you act like a contractor between someone who needs a job done and people that can do it efficiently and quickly. Arbitrage is very common in spheres like graphic design, content writing, social media management, and transcriptions.

Generally, projects will be available online from crowd-sourcing and freelancing platforms. You bid for high-value projects. Upon bagging them, have the work executed by freelancers on time.

Lend finishing touches to work and submit. You can keep a sizeable portion of the income after paying all freelancers. The system allows you to take several projects simultaneously to make more money online.


Reselling is a relatively uncommon way of making money online. Young entrepreneurs can try this way to make money online, provided they are willing to invest some money and effort. . Starting a proper reseller business can earn you very lucrative returns.
Further, online retailing makes business as reseller much natural nowadays. A common trend nowadays is to bid for high-value products at online auctions. You can get myriad stuff like iPhones, latest Android-based smart-phones, hi-end electronics, latest toys and sports goods, branded garments and others.

You can bid at these auctions, acquire the stuff and resell again at market price as a seller on Amazon, eBay or other major online stores. Alternatively, you can procure slightly older but unused models of stuff at cheap rates and resell them online for a reasonable profit.

Philatelic Bureau

No. Email and instant messaging have not sounded the dead knell of good old postal service. Moreover, millions of people worldwide from different age groups continue to collect postage stamps and other postal stationery.

The Internet has made it easier for you to enter this lucrative trade of buying and selling items of philatelic interest.

Nowadays, postal departments of almost every country on this planet have a website. Here, you canregister at their philatelic bureau and open an account by depositing some money. You will receive alerts from these postal departments before they issue a new postage stamp or other collector items.
Take orders from philatelists for these items and place a consolidated one with the foreign postal department. You recover money paid for the stamps and other collectables plus a right margin for your efforts. Since you are dealing with foreign governments, your investment in their postal departments is safe.

Business Plan Writing

With startups becoming commonplace, entrepnure of all ages look for people that can write excellent business plans. A great business plan will attract venture capitalists and crowd funders. It will also enable faster legitimisation of the startup and help achieve profits.
Writing a business plan requires excellent skills and knowledge about various markets. Generally, writers charge between US$50 to US$100 per hour, depending upon the complexity of a business plan. Means you can quickly earn a minimum of US$150 for working for three hours on a business plan.

Most startups are willing to pay up to US$1,000 for a great business plan. Furthermore, established businesses are eager to pay much higher to business plan writers since they look for substantial funds or wish to impress investors.

UFO Club

Starting a UFO club may sound unearthly as a way for young entrepreneurs to make money. But thanks to latest astronomical advances, images from Planet Mars that show humanoid figures, movies about alien abductions and general interest about life in outer space, this a lucrative business.

There are millions of people worldwide who are willing to join a UFO club in their neighbourhood, just for the thrill. UFO clubs are not for quirks or people suffering from hallucinations and delusions. They bring together amateurs of all sorts- from astronomers to ham radio operators, UFO chasers, and the proverbial curious cats.

Club meetings include reviews of latest UFO sightings, discussions on alien abduction and various other related topics. UFO clubs operate online to cover a vast geographical area. Membership is priced low, but you make more money selling souvenirs like T-shirts and other collectables.

Handicrafts Buyer

Several Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) working in developing and underdeveloped countries are now tapping skills of indigenous populations. They do so by helping natives make handicrafts and other traditional objects that are of high value to collectors in various countries.

Handcraft business is very lucrative provided you are willing to invest some money in opening a website and buying handicrafts from foreign lands. Place orders with NGOs working in a specific geographic area to purchase indigenous crafts.
Take pictures and post on your online store.

You can also advertise them on Facebook Marketplace or Facebook Business, open a Shopify account or sell through Amazon and eBay among others, for a tidy profit. With people preferring home décor made of natural materials, demand for handicraft is soaring.

In Conclusion

Although there are dozens of traditional ways to earn money online, these are some unique approach for online income. As mentioned earlier, making money online is getting more comfortable by the day as an increasing number of resources become available to ordinary people.

These free resources are natural to use and bring some profit to their developers. Nevertheless, they help people to bring their entrepreneurial skills to the fore. You can try these unique ideas or stick to any other ways to make money online that can found on the Internet quickly.

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