Exude More Joy in Your Daily Life

Are we born with the gift of joy or is it something we learn throughout our lives? If we are born with joy as children, do we start to lose it over time if it’s not practiced?

Practicing joy is something we can lose sight of easily. We get caught up in our lives, jobs, family, etc, however, it is important to be able to ask ourselves regularly if we are experiencing joy in our lives, or simply going through the motions. If that question ever becomes hard to answer these steps may help you recognize and begin to experience joy in your life again.

Express Gratitude Regularly

The first thing you should do in order to begin recognizing and exuding more joy is to express gratitude on a regular basis. Depending on who you are, you might be more apt to do this in a journal. Others may prefer communicating their gratitude aloud to someone. Whichever way you prefer, try to be specific and habitual. Doing this every morning when you wake up can be a great way to start your day and get your mind right.

Before long, this will become a habit, and you will begin to look for moments of joy instead of trying to rack your brain for what they might be.

Tip: If you do decide to keep a journal, this can be a great form of accountability. If you are having a hard day, flip through the pages to find sources of joy you’ve had on other days.

Practice Kindness

This is very broad, but that’s the point! Kindness comes in many forms. Try giving someone a compliment. The next time you see someone with a bright smile, or a sweater you really like, tell them! Our society has become so self-conscious that a genuine compliment may give someone the confidence they need.

A bit more of a commitment may include volunteering a few times a month for a local organization. Maybe you help coach a youth sports team or walk the dogs at the humane society for a few hours.

Whatever you choose, selflessly giving of your kindness will make you feel good!

Move Your Body

It is truly amazing what moving our bodies can do for our mood. Whether it’s going for a walk around the block with your dog, or calling a friend and trying a free trial at a local yoga studio, movement is such a huge benefit to our attitude. It’s been studied and proven that exercise releases endorphins and in turn, those endorphins make you happier.

So, get out there and move a little. If you find yourself with 10 minutes to spare during a busy day try a few simple exercises in your living room. Take note of how you feel before and after this movement.

Tip: Example living room movements
10 sit-ups
10 pushups
10 air squats
10 mountain climbers
x 4 rounds

Learn When to Say No

Sometimes it’s important to be able to say no to an invitation, especially if it falls into the category of something we feel we “should” do. Of course, there are responsibilities we must fulfill, but so often we get tied up in things we don’t actually want to or have to be doing, and these can get in the way of us experiencing and recognizing daily joy.

It may be hard to say no in the beginning, though it will get easier with practice as you start to recognize and appreciate the time and space you have made for self-care. Taking time for self-care is just as important as the obligations we have to our family and job.

Express Positive Self-talk

One of the most important parts of living a joy-filled life is to fill our thoughts with positive self-talk. Too often we allow ourselves to live in a negative space. This may include past experiences we’ve had that lead us to believe a certain thing about ourselves, or perhaps something hurtful that was said about us that we cling too in truth. Overwriting these messages becomes an important practice in moving from a place of hurt and negativity to a place of truth and joy.

A great way to start is to write one thing about yourself that you love on a sticky note. Post that note somewhere you will see it regularly. Come up with something new every few days!

Tip: Stand in front of a mirror and say these statements allowed. Example: “I love my strong legs! They help me run, and power me throughout the day.”

When we practice joy, we encourage others to do the same. If you are stuck in a rut start with looking inward and recognizing gratitude regularly. Show up with kindness, move your body, say no to people or things that don’t bring you joy, and say positive statements about yourself. These are the ways that we will live in abundant joy- and in turn be able to share that joy with people we love.

Author's Bio: 

Fern Gorin
Owner/Founder Life Purpose Institute
Life Coach Certification & Career Coach Certification

Fern Gorin was one of the first to pioneer the Life Coach Training field, starting her company in 1984. Life coaches trained by Fern's company, have helped over 1 million people worldwide. Graduates of the Life Purpose Institute ICF accredited program, go through a life-changing process intended to not only teach practical ways to help people through life changes but to also transform lives.