The advent of technology in all possible walks of human life has given rise to a swift wave of digitization – enabling simplification of myriad processes. The digitization wave has managed to touch the healthcare sector as well.
The result? Due to technological advancements in the domain, not only has the quality of healthcare services gone up, but the efficiency of medical professionals has increased significantly. Health services like consultation, treatment, and medical prescriptions are now easily accessible online.
We studied a few online healthcare platforms (OHP), or popular healthcare apps for doctors, which are aiming to democratize our existing healthcare system. Let’s take a look.
Navia Life Care
A health-based technology company, Navia Life Care offers a voice-based virtual assistant and other high-end technology solutions for providers. Some of its features and benefits include:
• Builds patient engagement platforms for medical providers
• Strengthens compliance, monitoring, and communication
• Offers better scalability with quicker and reliable turnaround time
Besides, it is built on a uniformized template with options that can be customized using plug-and-play feature sets.
Navia’s flagship healthcare apps for doctors include:
• Navi – a voice-based smart EMR with an AI-powered recommendation support for doctors
• Navi Trace – a simple pen and notepad device that converts handwritten prescriptions into digital format
• NaviQM – an automated OPD efficiency tool-optimizer that reduces patient wait times and helps enhance patient experiences

Another leading healthcare technology firm, Portea Medical offers quality care with compassion. Its offerings include medical care directly to patient’s homes with home visits.
Portea makes primary healthcare easily accessible, affordable, and accountable – aiming to fulfill every patient’s needs. They simplify the process of assigning doctors, nurses, caregivers, and physiotherapists for home visits and subsequent consultations.
Practo is one of the most doctor-friendly technology platforms available in the healthcare industry today. It is also one of the popular healthcare apps for doctors. The apps mobile applications offer the following features:
• Addressing patients’ health issues with comprehensive information on the condition
• Finding the right medical professional without any hassles
• Booking diagnostic tests online
• Obtaining prescription medicines within minutes
• Storing health records
• Education patients with new ways to live healthier
On the other hand, Practo is also a service-based platform for doctors and professionals to build their presence, grow establishments, and help them engage with patients in a much better way.
Another doctor-friendly healthcare app, Lybrate, enables doctors, nurses, caregivers, and pharmacists to increase their efficiency. It also helps medical professionals enhance their practice seamlessly.
The Lybrate healthcare app for doctors also allows them to expand their operations and reach out to as many patients across the country. Through the app, doctors can interact with their patients then and there. Besides, based on the number of patient-interactions, Lybrate also helps increase doctors’ popularity within the online community and in the medical fraternity.
On the other hand, the app even benefits the patients to make informed decisions, and they can also put up their queries or get into one-on-one interaction with doctors about their condition and symptoms.
All recommendable doctors are now easily available on Curofy. It is the largest community of verified doctors in India. Curofy offers doctors and other medical professionals a spam-free and secure environment for seamless communication within the community.
With Curofy, doctors can provide referrals, share cases, and make calls to other doctors (without any privacy intrusion). The app also allows them to have access to the most recent developments occurring within the healthcare industry, and that too, speciality-wise.
The Bottom Line
On the flip side though, the complexity and the costs involved have also seen a sharp rise. But that wouldn’t seem to limit doctors, nurses, caregivers, and pharmacists from utilizing the best of technological advancements taking place in the domain. In fact, the rising trend of using healthcare apps for doctors brings about significant advantages to the patients as well, benefitting both – the caregivers and care receivers.

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The advent of technology in all possible walks of human life has given rise to a swift wave of digitization – enabling simplification of myriad processes. The digitization wave has managed to touch the healthcare sector as well.