A sedentary lifestyle is a way of living which involves no or little physical activity. An individual who is living a sedentary lifestyle is always lying down or sitting by occupying in no physical activity such as watching television, reading, playing video games, socializing, or using any electronic device for entertainment purposes.

Sedentary Lifestyle Diseases
Most health experts suggest walking 5 miles a day in order to reduce risks which are caused in the body by inactivity. A sedentary lifestyle is by each passing day is increasingly spreading in different nations despite having connections to a wide range of serious chronic health problems. According to the various World Health Organization (WHO) reports, about 65 to 80% of the people all around the globe do not participate in enough amount of physical movement/activity.
Sedentary lifestyle diseases increase by double the risk of Diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, obesity, colon cancer, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, lipid disorders, anxiety, and Depression.

Effects of Sedentary Lifestyle
•Lack of physical activity affects mood
People who don’t involve in physical activity generally experience mood swings. To turn off bad mood swings, it is important to involve in any physical activity like a walk. People who regularly participate in physical activity usually are full of positive emotions like excitement, interest, alertness, and enthusiasm in comparison to people those who are inactive.
•A lack of physical movement is bad for the brain
Regular physical activity is much-needed in order to boost the brain functioning, which especially proves to be helpful as a human being age. According to researches, it not just boosts; it also helps improve memory and increases creativity. In fact, people who regularly exercise have better thinking and adapting process.
•It can increase the chances of cancer
Some of the long-standing and continuing Effects of Sedentary lifestyle can majorly impact by ill-health. Excessive weight gain, serious moods swings, and loss of muscle and bone mass, a lack of proper physical activity or exercise has been connected to cancer according to the NCI (National Cancer Institute). One of the types of cancer which have been directly linked to physical activity is colon cancer.
As per the researches, the association between colon cancer and physical activity risk found out that individuals who are physically active had about 24% lower chances of colon cancer.
•Inactivity results in restless sleep
Getting good Natural Sleep Solutions becomes difficult for people who are physically inactive and sometimes becomes even harder at night. As per the National Sleep Foundation (NSF), restless sleep or no sleep is one of the major effects of a sedentary lifestyle. NSF suggests that a good average-intensity workout daily can help in maintaining the sleeping cycle.

•Inactivity leads to excessive weight gain
Sitting and lying in bed for a long period without regular workout leads to an increase in weight. Somewhere it also contributes to increases in the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. The only way to avoid weight gain is by participating in high-level workouts.
The main effects of a sedentary way of living can hit anyone at any age of life. A few small changes in lifestyle will put an end to an unhealthy way of living.
Prevention of Sedentary Lifestyle
Modern technologies have certainly made lives easier, but somewhere modern advancements led to a sedentary lifestyle. An individual who sits or lay on the bed for longer than six hours regularly without participating in any physical activity has more risk having condition related to Everything Health. To change a sedentary lifestyle here are some common ways that can be done.
•More use of stairs- using at the place of lift will help increase physical activity in the body.
•Regular walk- A minimum of 30 minutes’ walk in a day is sufficient for maintaining healthy physic.
•Change in work set-up- replacing a standing work desk at the place of a sitting desk will be a game changer.
•Stand up breaks- working on a desk for long-period leads to inactivity, by making small stand up movements in every 20 minutes contributes to physical activity.
•Gardening Jobs- the work of gardening involves lots of physical efforts. By doing gardening on regular basis prevention of sedentary lifestyle can be done.

There are so many researches and studies that have linked this type of lifestyle to many health conditions. Some people do not try to meet the minimum body physical activity requirement and end up developing serious health conditions from spending all of their days being sedentary.
Some changes can reduce the chance of a sedentary lifestyle by maintaining enough amount of physical activity that they can participate in physical activity.

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