“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” – Hippocrates

Monsoon season is a time where the earth’s thirst is quenched by the rains. But as is with everything in the world, it comes with a host of illnesses like the common cold, fever, sore throat and others. In order to stop a human body from being susceptible to them, the necessary precautions need to be taken. And these precautions start from within the body which requires the right nutrients that will form a shield against external agents such as viruses and bacteria. Due to the damp nature of the monsoons, it’s easier for the disease causing microbes to multiply and spread. However, the consumption of certain foods can build up the immunity and build one’s health by preventing the spread of harmful bacteria.

The below listed essentials are mandatory for this very purpose.

Indulging in some Fruity Goodness – Citrus Fruits

Citrus Fruits | Insights Care

Fruits are a boon for humankind as they’re easy to consume and contain a plethora of nutrients. The monsoons are all about citrus fruits like oranges, lemons and grapefruits. The vitamin C present in them acts as an instant immunity booster. Microorganisms usually thrive in acidic environments and though citrus fruits are acidic in nature, they create an alkaline environment in the body.

The 60 varieties of flavonoids, carotenoids etc. are additionally responsible for making these fruits healthy to snack on. But it’s essential that it’s the fruit that is eaten rather than the juice, as it’s more wholesome and contains a complete bundle of nutrients.

Dry Fruit Magic – Mini Energy Sources

Dry Fruits | Insights Care

The rainy season is known for its fun yet gloomy atmosphere. The human body reacts in a similar manner and works at a slower pace. But dry fruits are mini powerhouses of energy due to the natural sugars and proteins found in it. Almonds, walnuts, groundnuts and dates are great sources of antioxidants; which combat oxidative stress in turn assisting the immune system.

When a person wants to snack upon something, they tend to reach out to the nearest fast food item or something equally unhealthy. The best alternative to this is nuts that not only cut the cravings but assist in maintaining cholesterol levels throughout the day and balances the pivotal functions of the body. And the best part about them is that they’re versatile and can be added into sweets, salads or just eaten plain.

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Ingredients of Great Health – Spices

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India is known as the land of spices and for a very good reason indeed. The food prepared here tends to have a mixture of various spices such as turmeric, asafoetida, cloves, bay leaf and curry leaves. They not only add flavor but have various health benefits. Turmeric contains curcumin which is robust antioxidant and is also known for its ability to find microbes and help in reducing any sort of inflammations. These spices are commonly found in any kitchen which makes them accessible for use. Consuming milk with turmeric and black pepper on a monsoon day can prove to be beneficial and keep illnesses at bay.

Fermented Foods for Prolonged Benefits – Yoghurt

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Any kind of food that contains probiotics – the bacteria that are good for the gut, is an added advantage for the body. A healthy digestive system helps in preventing harmful toxins from entering the body. Monsoons are a time when people consume a lot of food and it’s essential that it’s properly absorbed which is why probiotics are required. The most popular one available is yoghurt or curd. Easily available and the ability to integrate it with most of the food items in the Indian kitchen makes it versatile.

The Elixir of Life – Water

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One of the most vital essentials for human life – water, is extremely important for overall health benefits. Water is the one factor that does all the function that the body requires to function effectively. Digestion, blood circulation, hydration etc. are just a few things that keep one’s body working in a proper manner. During the monsoons, people tend to avoid the consumption of this liquid, as the body perceives the weather as enough to sustain the water present already. When in truth, the human body in any weather needs to be constantly replenished which will help boost it functions and in turn the immunity. One could consume tea made of ginger and lemon which is known to be beneficial for the body and also keeps it warm.

Monsoons have a beauty of their own, but to maintain the beauty of one’s health is extremely important. Having a healthy monsoon is definitely a lot more fun rather than a dull one with illnesses.
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