Are you one of the countless people that have wasted hundreds of dollars trying to find a practitioner that was genuine and could help you with your problems? Have you gone from psychic to psychic without finding any real help? Good news! You can identify genuine psychics and healers quickly and effortlessly, before you pay a penny!

Tip #1: Always follow your instincts and have faith that you are being led where you need to go. Your intuition is a powerful friend that can guide you effectively. When you look at a person's website, how does it feel to you? Do you get a positive "vibe" or do you have reservations? Do you feel energized and excited about working with this person, or do you need to talk yourself into it?

Tip #2: Find a practitioner with many testimonials. Make sure they are from people all over the country. This assures that they have the ability to access information and perform healing, right over the phone! Some clairvoyants are very accurate in person, but their ability waivers when assisting someone long-distance. Seeing that a practitioner has testimonials from across the country goes a long way toward showing that they are properly trained to work in Spirit to effectively help anyone, anywhere.

Tip #3: Look for someone that offers a Money Back Guarantee. If a psychic is genuine, they will offer you a Money Back Guarantee because they believe in their gifts and know they have the ability to help you. In my practice, I offer a guarantee and will refund money if a person isn't satisfied in the first 5 minutes. Never continue a session with a psychic, (especially one that charges by the minute), who hasn't demonstrated their gift within the first 5 minutes.

Tip #4: Avoid practitioners who need to ask you many questions, or who encourage you to talk about your life. This is not a counseling session! A true clairvoyant will be able to tell you what you need to know. If they seem to be fishing around and asking you a lot of questions, it's a good sign they are not able to genuinely help you. Answer their questions as basically as you can and don't fill in the blanks!

Tip #5: Avoid hype! Avoid the flashing banner ads and the websites that promise that all your problems will be solved. Avoid people who make outrageous claims that promise finding your soulmate, solving all your problems, and giving you perfect health. If their website seems like it's designed to sell you on a product, this is a good indication that their service doesn't sell itself! Not only are most of these obvious fakes, but you may be dealing with people who are working in the Ego, feeding off your need, and they might be selling themselves as an authority you should listen to and follow. This can be a very dangerous situation. You want to find someone who is an equal and can give you advice while honoring your right to choose for yourself.

Following these 5 simple tips will greatly assist you in finding the practitioner who is right for you. A good fit will insure an amazing session and it will be money well spent!

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Erin Heaven is a Clairvoyant Healer assisting people around the world to reclaim their lives and live it more fully. Having pronounced psychic abilities from the age of 12, she has over 24 years experience using her psychic abilities to help others.

Using clairvoyant abilities to see the blocks in your chakras and energy field right over the phone, Erin Heaven helps you to release them and free yourself from the burdens that are blocking your life. She is so confident in her ability to help you, as she's done with hundreds of people from around the world, that she offers a Money Back Guarantee!

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