Having a perfect white smile boosts your confidence and self-esteem, improving the quality of your life. But sometimes, stains and discoloration can deny you your pride and the perfect smile you desire. Fortunately, you can still restore your smile with the assistance of Leander teeth whitening experts. Several whitening products and ideas exist, but you want to ensure that you use only the right products for you. The real deal is you try several treatments depending on your issue to see if you get that smile you desire. You can try the following treatments to see if your teeth sparkle again.

Using Whitening Toothpaste

You can easily whiten your teeth by improving your daily oral care. You can opt to use a special whitening toothpaste instead of your regular paste to remove surface stains on your teeth. But do some research, including consulting your dentist to ensure you use the right product for the job. If you use the paste every time you brush your teeth, you will see some improvements in your smile after about 2-6 weeks as the stain on your teeth fades away. But note that whitening paste will only go as far as the surface of your teeth, and you might have to combine it with other treatments to manage deep stains and discoloration.

Choose Whitening Strips

Whitening strips contain hydrogen peroxide that can penetrate beyond your enamel surface to manage your discoloration or deep stains. However, choose your strips carefully and consult your dentist not to end up destroying your teeth. Peel the backing of your suitable strip off and press it on your teeth and keep them for about 30 minutes. Use the strips for about two weeks and ensure you wrap them well around the teeth to stay in place. Since the strips stay for a while on your teeth, you can expect some degree of sensitivity.

Consider a Whitening Rinse

If you are suffering surface stains, using a whitening rinse is a quick way to eliminate the stains. Ensure you research the best rinse for you and go for one that has hydrogen peroxide. Follow the usage guidelines carefully, pour the recommended amount into your mouth, and swish for around one minute. Redo the process at least twice a day for the next three months. You will notice a difference in your smile gradually over time. However, do not use hydrogen peroxide straight to your teeth as it can irritate other oral organs like the gums, tongue, or throat.

Go for Professional Cleaning

If you are not content with the results when you try to whiten your teeth on your own, remember that your dentist has the best treatment. Depending on your needs, your provider can apply a stronger peroxide to your teeth and use special blue light to whiten your teeth immediately. Although you might feel some sensitivity, your provider will guide you on how to endure until you can enjoy the best smile you have desired all along with no discomfort.

Maintaining a Dental Hygiene

Even if you get a professional tooth whitening, how well you fare for your teeth matters. Stains and discoloration that destroy your perfect smile can be avoided. Therefore, research adequately to understand the measures you can take and implement on your daily care routine to maintain a perfect smile. Continue brushing and flossing your teeth as your dentist recommends, and follow any other instructions you may be advised.

Talk to the teeth whitening specialists at Pendleton Orthodontics today to learn how you can rejuvenate your smile. No matter the issue you are dealing with, you can get your perfect smile back.

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