So you want to become a master persuader? It's easier than you might think. But it's not enough to simply read books and attend seminars dealing with persuasion and influence. If you want to know how to maximize results from your persuasive efforts, read on...

Persuasion Tactic # 1: Practice, practice, practice.

Don't just read, but apply what you've learned. Master persuasion techniques in such a way that you will apply them without conscious effort, so you can focus on the other person without needing to think of what to do next.

Persuasion Tactic # 2: Observe people's reaction or response when you apply your persuasion techniques on them.

Learn from your experiences, then plan your future courses of action and improve on your methods. Some people even videotape their persuasion escapades, so they can watch the video over and over to see how people responded or reacted, where they went wrong and how they can improve.

Persuasion Tactic # 3: Ask for feedback.

Ask feedback from closest relatives/friends regarding the way you communicate. Sometimes, we are blind to our own flaws.

Have you ever been angry with someone for doing something that you sometimes do to others also? Why wouldn't you get mad at yourself, but you get upset when other people do the same thing to you? That's because our ego sometimes makes it hard for us to detect our own faults.

So if you want to know if you are communicating at a level that is respectable, likeable, or whatever type of communication you want to impart, don't just rely on your own opinion about yourself, but ask your closest contacts regarding their observation of you - when you are talking with them or with other people.

There are other things you can ask for feedback, like the way you motivate or persuade others, consistency of your body language with your words, etc.

Persuasion Tactic # 4: Record your persuasion attempts.

Write down or record in an excel file the persuasion method that you have done, the errors you have observed which you can improve on, and the revised action that you would do to achieve better results.

Keep on improving until you've found the best ways to persuade. Take note, however, that each person has his own unique qualities; so you may also want to note down the person to which you've applied a particular persuasion method so you can apply a unique tactic for that specific individual.

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