Our wellbeing is the foundation of living a happy, properous life. Unfortunately, many of us get caught in the daily grind, and forget that taking care of ourselves first is the only thing that really matters - after all, if we don't take care of ourselves, who will?

According to a study done by the NEF (Economics As If People And The Planet Mattered), there are approximately 5 major keys to improving your sense of wellbeing. Many of these tips can help to fight off anxiety and depression, help promote a more positive state of mind, and even lower the risks of developing mental health problems later in life. Many of them are more in-depth than the scope of this article, however, from what we gather, they can be broken down into 3 main ideas that will help you tremendously. This article is written with the help of freshmail.com

One of the foundations of this is to improve your health. Improving your health can take on many forms, but is best used in combination with each other, and making it a lifestyle habit rather than a temporary change. For example, many dieters often find that they put the weight they just lost back on, primarily because they had not developed healthy eating habits into their lifestyle.

Shortly after completing a diet, going back to your regular eating habits will inevitably make the dieter put the weight gain back on. Same goes for fitness - whether it's weightlifting, cardio, a sport. Not doing these exercises regularly will result in atrophy - causing muscles to become weaker because they are not being activated or used.

Improving your sense of wellbeing can also mean developing hobbies, passions for a craft, and regularly having meet ups with close friends. Studies show that having close friends can significantly improve the quality of our lives. Developing a passion for a "physical" activity is also highly recommended, such as sports, dance, running, or other cardio/weightlifting activity.

Simply using all 3 in combination with eachother can quickly have effects on your mind and body. Not only will you feel younger, sharper, and more able, you will also look better. Having an active lifestyle is not just about adding any one thing to your life, but an "overall" increase.

Many of us run into problems such as focusing on just 1 aspect of our lives. Such as work, a problem friend/family member, or something else which may bnegatively impact our emotional and physical state. It's important to reduces these stressors, because they will likely hinder your wellbeing if it is not kept in balance.

Another primary cause for a loss of "quality" in life in our more developed years is due to physical reasons, which in fact can be helped. After 25, a hormone in the body called dehydroepiandrosterone begins to decline at roughly 2% every year.

It is also a known pheromone, and is commonly used in pheromone colognes for males to provide the wearer an aura of "youth" and vitality. However, its primary use in the body is as a precursor to important chemicals the body needs such as testosterone and estrogen. As these stores become depleted, our overall health and age begins to deteriorate.

Not only are hormones being produced at a lower rate, our body begins to "age" - it is approximately at this point in time where staying fit and healthy, as well as adopting healthy lifestyle habits can make a huge difference in your later years.

As living, breathing organisms, we have the opportunity to research, be aware, and solve or reduce many problems as they arise. Creating and maintaining social relationships, being active in sports, or other physical activities, and constantly being involved in improving yourself daily are all important factors that will make a huge positive difference to your sense of well-being.26/now-its-easy-to-start-your-home-business-1pl0n

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