Looking for signs that your ex girlfriend still likes you? Is there hope of getting back together? Read this article and I'll tell you just what you need to look out for, and how you can determine whether your ex still has feelings for you or not.

To know the signs your ex girlfriend still likes you, read on!

1) Keeping Communication Open

Breaking up with another person doesn't mean you have to be total strangers all over again. In fact, many people remain friends even after the romance in the relationship has flickered out.

However, always calling and texting is a different matter altogether, especially if the break-up is just fresh. A girl who insists on calling you everyday or even stopping by your house is definitely not over you yet.

2) Being Extra Thoughtful

A break-up means you no longer have to do your usual boyfriend duties any longer. The same principle applies to your girlfriend. But if she's still treating you the same way she did when you two were still together, then maybe she wants to keep the relationship alive.

Does she still send you letters or bake you special goodies? What about pet names? Does she still use the pet name you have for one another? These are some of the signs your ex girlfriend still likes you.

3) No Serious Relationships After

Moving on is not always easy, especially if the person doesn't actually want to move on in the first place.

If your ex doesn't have a serious relationship following your break-up, then there's a chance that she might still be pining after you. Another sign that your ex girlfriend still likes you is when she tells you details about her dates, and then looks at you as if studying your reaction.

There are many signs your ex girlfriend still likes you, but not all of them are easily detectable. Women are very hard to read, and it's a little difficult to tell what they're thinking of sometimes.

You can go ahead and ask your ex directly too, if you really want to get to the bottom of things. You will catch her off guard so she might either answer truthfully or deny it with all her might. If she does deny it and you suspect that she was only taken by surprise, wait for her to call you back again. If she still likes you, she'll let you know.

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