I'd like to share with you a few quotes on reaching goals that have helped many people find success in their life. I hope that you read them with an open mind and heart. Let these words flow through you and inspire you to reach all your goals successfully.

Quote # 1 On Reaching Goals: "If you don't know where you are going, you will probably end up somewhere else." - Lawrence J. Peter

A true educator, Lawrence J. Peter puts an emphasis on the importance of identifying your destination. According to him, blindly stumbling towards tomorrow will get you nowhere.

This quote applies to both big and small things - from improving your class standing to dealing with life itself. Letting your feet take you wherever the circumstances may take them, without putting any thought into where you want to go, will only waste your time.

And if your goal has an expiration date, then wouldn't you want to achieve it as soon as possible?

Quote # 2 On Reaching Goals: "Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal." - Henry Ford

In this quote, Henry Ford shares that there are no obstacles. There shouldn't be any when you are determined to reach your goal.

Obstacles are but distractions. If you have a deadline to beat, then nothing should stop you from meeting it. Control your desire to watch TV, deny invitations to go out drinking and other time wasters.

Stop thinking about how you won't make the time, because thinking about that is already taking up too much of your time! Keep your eyes on your goal and ignore the obstacles.

Quote # 3 On Reaching Goals: "Goals are dreams with deadlines." - Diana Scharf Hunt

This quote is very direct to the point. According to Diana Scharf Hunt, goals have time limits because they are meant to be achieved one day.

Dreams, on the other hand, are nothing but unfulfilled wishes. Do you want your goals to remain dreams for the rest of your life?

Take that dream house of yours. When are you going to stop looking at magazines and actually start taking action to build your dream home?

These are just some of the millions of quotes on reaching goals out there. I don't want to confuse you by putting together an overwhelming list. For now, why don't you focus on these three quotes and make use of them in your life?

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