Here are some tips for a job interview that will help you come out of the process on top. When you walk into a job interview, the product you are selling is YOU.
In order to successfully sell yourself, you must market your personal brand. That is, you must build a reputation that qualifies you, and only you, to successfully fulfill the job requirements. The job interview is your time to shine – your time to sell yourself and your abilities. In order to do that, you must have faith in your personal brand. That’s what separates you from the rest of the candidates for your desired position. If you can do so successfully, you will be well on your way to landing the job of your dreams.

The successful job interview process begins when you accept the interview, and ends when the employer decides to hire you. The more you are able to communicate professionalism with personality, distinction and skill, the better your chance of getting the job.

15 Sure-fire Ways to a Successful Job Interview:

Before the interview:

Use the 3 P’s – Plan, Prepare, and Practice.

1. Prepare for the interview; research the company and prepare questions
based on your research.

2. Do mock interviews in order to prepare for all questions, especially
uncomfortable ones.

3. Dress professionally even if the company dress code is business casual.

4. Arrive early! (12 – 15 minutes before the interview)

At the interview:

5. Give your interviewer a firm handshake. A powerful handshake and a
genuine smile will get you off to a good start.

6. Beware of your Body Language; sit erect, stand and walk with confidence,
lean forward toward the interviewer.

7. Build rapport – use powerful, effective communication techniques. Take
charge of the encounter without being overbearing.

8. Be a good listener. Answer only what’s asked, in a brief but effective

9. Show enthusiasm and sincere interest. Don’t act desperate.

10. Take notes. You may need to refer to them later in the interview.

11. Communicate your skills, qualifications, credentials and the benefits you

12. Demonstrate your accomplishments; how you improve sales, reduce cost,
improve productivity, solve organizational problems. In short,
demonstrate why you’re good for the organization’s bottom line.

13. Make eye contact. It demonstrates confidence, trust, and power.

14. If you want the position, ask for it - directly.

After the interview:

15. Send a follow-up thank you letter. The letter should state what interests
you about the position, why you are suitable for the job, and your
appreciation for the interviewer’s time.

The Top 10 Interview Questions

According to a recent survey by, the following are the 10 most frequently asked questions in interviews:

1. Describe your ideal job/boss

2. Why are you looking for a job? or Why are you leaving your current position?

3. What unique experiences or qualifications separate you from other candidates?
4. Tell me about yourself.

5. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

6. Describe a time when you were faced with a challenging situation and how you
handled it. It’s almost guaranteed that you will be asked this question.

7. What are your short-term/long-term goals?

8. What are some of your strengths in dealing with people?

9. What are your salary requirements?

10. Why are you interested in this position? Our company?

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