With most people living on a shoe-string budget, it is hard to find the amazing new gadgets suitable for both your needs as well as your wallet. To make the process a little easier, we have come up with a list of 12 gadgets priced at less than $500 which will tempt you to buy more and more, without peeking a hole in your pocket.
Google Chromecast
Isn’t it tempting that you can play movies, shows, and songs from over 1000 apps on your TV. Google chromecast provides you the option to connect your TV screen to your mobile phone and computer devices. For this, you just need to insert the chromecast into your TV’s HDMI port. After this, you can simply give voice commands to your TV by saying “OK Google.” The chromecast is priced at just $45.
3D Printers
3D Printers have been making the rounds for the past two decades. The revolutionizing technology that converts your digital files into real 3D objects is available to you at a mere $400. Create as many products as you want.3D printers can even be used to build fully functional models. Isn’t it exciting?
DJ I Care Refresh ( Mavic)
Drone cameras are a valuable addition to the list of your technical assets. They not only play an important part in photography and security but are also a great source of amusement for tech freaks. The DJ I care refresh is available at a mere sum of $160.
Audio Technica LP120-USB
Record players are too complex and old-fashioned for your liking but the music sounds entirely different from the cartridge and needle revolving around your record collection. How about the new Audio Technica LP120-USB which comes with a pre-amp and does not require any other traditional equipment. You can enjoy all your music records by spending a small amount of $300.
Amazon Echo Dot
Currently, the most trending gadget, Amazon echo dot offers features like answering your queries, controlling all your smart devices, answering your queries, etc. Priced at a little under $190, Amazon echo dot has a compact design and can be placed anywhere in your house to add both colours and sound to your life.
Bose Wireless Headphones
Boss wireless headphones top the gadget list of any music lover. Priced at just $180, the headphones come with sweat and weather resistance, making them fit for outdoor adventure activities as well as gym lovers. With a battery back-up of 5 hours, its secure and comfortable earbuds block the outside noises and provide you with an exclusive music experience.
Opkix One X
Opkix One X is a small compact video recording camera that saves you from carrying big handy cams. Costing a mere $400, it comes in an egg-shaped case that can be easily put into a hand-bag. You also have the option to attach the camera around your necklace or bracelet. Just pull it out and start recording high-resolution videos.
Polaroid Onestep +1- I Type Camera
Can’t get over the square polaroids filling your old photo albums? How about adding some Instagram filters to them? The polaroid Onestep +1- I type camera provides the option to add Instagram filters to the pictures before printing them. Priced at $150, the camera has a classical polaroid appearance with modern features such as manual settings and a countdown timer.
Apple Ipad Mini
How is it possible to make a list of gadgets and not include a single Apple product. Ipad Mini has a very dear place in all our hearts. With delicate design and an outstanding processor, it offers a number of features such as a high-resolution camera and amazing sound system. If that is not enough, Apple is about to launch its Ipad Mini 4 which has a sleek, stylish appearance and safety features for book worms along with all the other features of an Ipad. All this at just $330.
Logitech G502 Proteus Core Gaming
Any game lover would love the Logitech Gaming mouse. Available at just $60, the mouse is equipped with a software that detects computer games and modifies it to be compatible with any particular game. What is better than a mouse that gets customized as per your gaming needs?
Belkin Boost Up Qi Wireless Charging Pad
One of the easiest methods to charge your phone is by using the Belkin Boost Up Qi wireless charging pad. The charging pad employs a high-frictional surface so as to keep your phone at place. The charging pad is available at $169 and is compatible with both android and ios devices.
PlayStation VR
The last but not the least in our list is the PlayStation's virtual reality headset. Priced at just $500, it is one of the best accessories for PlayStation. The versatile headset matches all your gaming requirements and does not require a lot of technical knowledge to operate. It is a must-have gadget for any game lover.

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