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New updates on - PLEASE READ

The dashboard has been changed. You can now find a list of everything you can do to utilize your professional account on the left. Links to submit articles, links and events can be found. You can also find all your information in the center boxes. From how many articles you have pending to how many links you have approved. Everything you need to know is right there!

We also have a few new features. You can now follow topics, authors and experts.

You can follow a topic in two ways:

You can click on "Update Newsfeed Topics" to update quickly what topics you would like receive up to date information or remove topics you no longer need information on.

You can also go to any articles on and find a “get updates” link on both articles

How can I get updates from a particular Expert?
You can find a link to follow an expert on their page or on an article written by the expert next to the title

If you have any questions, you can always contact us by filling out a feedback form here:\