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How do I create an Expert Page? provides the capability for experts in the topic areas we cover to build personal Expert Pages. You can use your Expert Page to promote yourself, your business and your philosophy about Self Improvement.

The first step in building your Expert Page is to send in a request to our editors. If approved, you will then be able to add your biography, picture, links, products, and more to your Expert Page.

1) Login with your professional account
2) In the "Member Center" look for the tab "Create Expert Page"
3) Choose your topic and tell us why you feel you are a expert in this area
4) Once submitted, your request will be reviewed (1-2 business days)
5) Once approved (you will receive e-mail) - login with your professional account
6) The tab should now say "Edit Expert Page"
7) Add all your information/picture/links etc
8) Make sure to click "save" at the bottom of each page before moving onto another section