For homeowners who are a bludger or ignorant about regularly maintaining their air conditioners, they are making a big mistake. Ideally; one needs to maintain their cooling unit on a regular basis. It is the only way to make the unit run properly and economically for years

Air conditioning maintenance is pivotal for your unit to perform at its peak. This post will discuss in details how important AC maintenance or why ignoring it will be a huge mistake.

Follow closely, cobbers!

“ACs Lacking Maintenance Consume aHuge Proportion ofthe Monthly Power Bill”

Believe it or not; air conditioners which haven’t been serviced for a while tend to consume a greater proportion of the monthly power bill. And the issue only gets worse with time.

The unit will not cool as well as it should, and because of that, the owners will run longer to make the living environment, comfortable. This naturally will increase the unit’s electricity consumption, and that will reflect in the monthly electricity bill.

“Health Risks Associated With Poor Air Quality”

There are a lot of health risks associated with poor air quality. And if one has elderly members with breathing issues, then the un-congenial air quality will make it more difficult to breathe.

With pro air conditioning maintenances; one can boost up their Aircon efficiency and allow it to run adequately without hampering the living air quality.

Furthermore, if one caters to routine servicing with quality residential air conditioning maintenance professionals in Wollongong, then they can vouchsafe for 96% of the unit’s efficiency.

‘The AC Unit Loses Its Performance Efficiency By 5% Every Year.”

Every year, the Aircon unit loses 5% of its energy efficiency without dardy maintenance work. With proper maintenance, the Aircon unit will cut down the energy monthly costly by 25%.Plus, its longevity will also increase.

“10% Loss of The Unit’s Coolant or Freon Will Cause 20% More Electrical Costs”

Without regular maintenance, the unit will eventually lead to a 10% loss of Freon. With time, it will also cause undue wear and tear on the unit.

With the Freon (also known as the coolant) lost, the unit will obviously take more time to cool. Reports suggest that a 10% loss of Freon will result in 20% extra electrical expense.

How Hiring Pros Presents Owners Peace-Of-Mind?

Each of these reasons makes it clear why regular air conditioning maintenance is a must!Hiring professionals who make a living by providing air conditioning installation and maintenances in Wollongong will save owners from wholly snappin ducks legsof their unit going on the fritz suddenly.

Their maintenance packages include:

  • Reading And Testing Voltage And Ampere Of All Electrical Components
  • Cleaning And Adjusting The Thermostat
  • Inspecting And Testing The Unit’s Airflow From The Cooling Coil
  • Testing And Oiling The Unit’s Fan Motors
  • Treating Fan Belt Issues
  • Checking All Electric Wiring, Connections And The Operating Pressure Of The Unit
  • Examining The Inner Fan Relay, The Contractor, Condenser Coil Drain And The Capacitors
  • Testing And Measuring The Super-Heat And Also Keeping A Watch On Temperature Drops Across The Unit’s Indoor Coil
  • Checking Out The Compressor Operation, The Crankcase Heaters And The Defrost Controller

Needless to say that performing such maintenance tasks will be way beyond any owner’s expertise. And that’s why hiring pros for the unit’s upkeep present owners a peace-of-mind.

Call them. They are unreal in saving Aircon units up a gumtree. After maintenance and services; one will find the unit working as efficiently as before.

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The author is a professional providing air conditioning installation and maintenances in Wollongong. With that, the author also is a writer and shares information about how residential air conditioning maintenance professionals in Wollongong make Aircon units function more effectively.