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John Steinbeck

How Do I Become a Most Active User?

Each day, our homepage and "Most Active Users" page are updated with a list of members who have accumulated the most user points. User points are our way of recognizing and rewarding our most active users. The contest is reset every day at midnight. This is a great way to get exposure for yourself and your business!

How do I accumulate user points?

User points are accumulated when you are logged in to your account and complete any of the following actions. If you don't have an account, Register today.

Daily Logging into account 5
Commenting on any Article 10
Commenting on any Video 10
Commenting on a Change Your Life Video Blog 10
Bringing in a New Member 50
Creating an Expert Page 100
Adding someone to your network 5
Contacting an expert 5
Rating an Article 1
Rating a Blog entry 1
Rating a Website 1
Rating a Video 1
Submitting a feedback form 0
Adding an Article to our directory 50
Adding a Website to our directory 50
Adding an Event to our directory 25
Adding a Video to our directory 10
Your Article is featured on the homepage 50

Top Users of The Week

Top User for Friday, February 3rd

John Steinbeck

John Steinbeck
Top User for Thursday, February 2nd

Madonaa max

Madonaa max
Top User for Wednesday, February 1st

John Steinbeck

John Steinbeck
Top User for Tuesday, January 31st

Dr. Mary Waters

Dr. Mary Waters
Time Management
Top User for Monday, January 30th

Kalish Bond

Kalish Bond
Top User for Sunday, January 29th

Eric Dalius

Eric Dalius
Top User for Saturday, January 28th

Oliver JR Cooper

Oliver JR Cooper
Self-Esteem and Self Confidence
  Name Points Their Favorite Website
9601. John Steinbeck 2450
9602. Alex Miller 305
9603. Manish Patel 105
9604. Maulik Shah 105
9605. Shorvi Singh 105
9606. Devin Jackson 105
9607. santosh krinsky 105
9608. Oliver JR Cooper 100
9609. Gaurav Kumar 100
9610. Office Stac 100
9611. Eric Dalius 60
9612. Ajna Clothings 55
9613. ankit kumar 50
9614. Jay Vora 50
9615. Jessica Williams 50
9616. Umayr Azimi 50
9617. Taufique Hossain 50
9618. Emma Confexhub 50
9619. Arogya Yoga Ashram 25
9620. eWomenNetwork Marketing 25
9621. AHZ Associates 5
9622. Permissions SelfGrowth 5
9623. Helen Armitage 5
9624. Sophia lee 5
9625. Tess DiNapoli 5
9626. James Shrider 5
9627. Bellevue Parfums 5
9628. Adler Conway 5
9629. Prince Namdev 5
9630. Amit Rai 5
9631. Dr. Kirk Mahoney 5
9632. Alexa Wachstein 5