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Wheelie Bin Storage Solutions
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Wheelie Bin Storage
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Wheelie Bin Storage Solutions

We are Wheelie Bin Storage. We provide double wheelie bin store which designed to safely store your two wheelie bins securely. Wide front opening doors are normally fixed separately to both units which enable the bins to move in and out of the storage area quickly. Generally double wheelie bin storage chests are suitable for small to medium business areas & home use. You can also rent a storage unit when you need extra space. It is also possible to build your own storage chest from scratch.

A wheelie bin storage Ireland is available in different sizes and styles to suit your needs. You can either purchase a new chest which is a great investment for your company or purchase used wheelie bin storage chests. When purchasing a new unit make sure it has strong double glazed doors with good security and double locking. To further safeguard the contents of your storage unit a self closing lid is an ideal addition to the product.

The majority of these units are constructed using a strong aluminum frame and will often be finished in a brushed finish. Some may also incorporate a security lock to provide added protection to your goods. If your unit incorporates air vents it is worth checking these are easily accessible and that the vents open and close securely, especially if your purpose is to store fragile items.

A good quality double wheelie bin storage unit will include a range of features including; adjustable to flat, semi-circle, or half-circle position, handles/wheels/slots for easy wheelie rolling, side access to bins by removing the top panel, built-in kick panels, and solid construction for reliability and durability. If you are looking to provide more space for your items consider purchasing wheelie bins with wider base and opening to a full 60 inches. These types of bins can prove extremely useful for collecting expired items from the local council bins.