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UPSC IAS Preparation
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Anujjindal UPSC
Joined: Jul 6 2021
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UPSC IAS Preparation

How to Prepare for UPSC?
There is a reason why every mentor tells you that you need a strong preparation plan for UPSC, the exams are considered to be the toughest, stringent, and the most prestigious of all in India.

The exam is taken by almost a million aspirants from across the nation every year. However, given that the vacancies are so less in numbers, only a handful from among the million are actually able to fulfill their bureaucratic dreams. This further adds to the toughness of the exam.

The IAS exams are challenging not only in terms of the vastness of the syllabus but also because of their highly unpredictable nature.

In this section of the article, I am going to inform you about how to prepare for UPSC in detail.

So, the first thing that you need to know about UPSC preparation is that it is not possible to succeed by just being a bookworm. Along with being a bookworm, you’d also need to be well-read, socially and politically aware, and also confident as a person. Along with all of that you’d also need to have an assertive yet pleasing personality.

That being said, let’s me now start with the topic of Best Tips for UPSC Preparation:

In this section, I have listed some really effective tips pertaining to the topic of IAS preparation. Now, a lot of you might say that these tips are for beginners.

However, I am absolutely sure that they will be of immense help to you in drawing up the perfect 2021 UPSC preparation strategy.