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UPSC IAS Exam Books
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Anujjindal UPSC
Joined: Jul 6 2021
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UPSC IAS Exam Books

UPSC Books

According to me as well as several toppers of previous IAS exams, the best way to start your UPSC preparation is by reading through the NCERT books for UPSC and then moving on to the standard UPSC book list.

Also, you should be mindful about the type of IAS books that you choose for your preparation, given that the UPSC prelims and UPSC mains are very different from each other and would need 2 different sets of reading material for each.

The UPSC Prelims, being an entirely objective type of paper would need a separate set of book lists and the UPSC Mains, being entirely subjective in its nature would need its own.

Anyway, in this section of the blog, I have mentioned the names of all the important IAS books according to the different phases and subjects of the UPSC CSEs.

Best UPSC Books for IAS Prelims
In the IAS prelims round there are 2 papers and both are objective type in nature. That means both have multiple-type questions with negative markings for each wrong answer.

I have already mentioned the NCERT books that you’d need to go through for the prelims in the section above.

Best UPSC Books for IAS Mains
If you are able to clear the Prelims stage of the IAS exam, then you’d have to appear for the Mains. In the IAS Mains, there are 9 subjective type papers out of which 2 are subjects that you can choose from.

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