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Top Service Provider of Pharmaceutical and Scientific Equipment in India
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kesar control
Joined: Jul 7 2021
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Top Service Provider of Pharmaceutical and Scientific Equipment in India

Kesar Control Systems is a top Indian manufacturer of pharmaceutical and scientific equipment.
We aim to become one of the most efficient manufacturers of Scientific and Pharmaceutical equipment and adopt advanced techniques for enhancing the quality and constantly updating our better to best.

To conduct any lab experiment, one of the most important is machinery, and Kesar Control Systems provides high-quality machines which work smoothly.

The Pharmaceutical Industry is subject to high regulatory measures and a perfect set of standards. The regulatory requirements are specific, so as a result, the whole industry is benefitted from the use of technology.

Gaining an accurate approach towards developing scientific tools for the Pharmaceutical industry and developing equipment like Stability Chamber and BOD Incubator, Kesar Control Systems has been manufacturing revolutionary pharmaceutical technology.

Pharmaceutical and scientific experiments need a wide variety of machines to produce, store and keep experiments stable for a long period so it is very much important that you've to choose wisely in this department.

Stability Chamber, used by many pharmaceutical companies, is highly in demand after the Pandemic. Medicines, especially vaccines need to be stored in monitored conditions. This includes monitoring of the temperature, light exposure, and moisture, amongst other conditions.

Cold chamber requires a range of cooling and heating technology to easily navigate through different temperatures based on specific requirements quickly and easily.

For pharmaceutical and scientific requirements of storage of light-sensitive articles, Photostability Chamber is developed using state of the art technology to ensure uniform light distribution and convenient adjustment of exposure.

Walk in stability chamber is also custom-built using exceptional technology to maximize efficiency in storage by stabilizing large-scale storage requirements.

Kesar Control Systems manufactures pharmaceutical and scientific types of equipment from Stability Chamber such as Walk In Stability Chamber, Photostability Chamber, Cold Chamber and Incubator like BOD Incubator and even different Freezer, Oven, Furnace and some other types of equipment, all these types of machinery will help you to carry out your experiment stable and smoothly.

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