Zimbra offers complete email collaboration suite such as document management system, calendar management system, task management system and other advance search option with just a single click. With the use of such advance mailing resource, you can share your mail, document and calendar, address book etc with both internal and external user in a highly secure way.


With the increase in availability of internet regular mails has been replaced by the speedy and more secure email services. Few of the popular mailing servers like MS Exchange, Google, Rediff etc., provide more than just emailing services. Presently Zimbra is the leading email solutions well-liked by the companies for both professional and official requirements. The advance open source mail server is used for managing incoming and outgoing emails, databases, inter-office communications and data storage.

Zimbra provides a rich set of full cross-platform support with native integration on major operating systems like Windows, Macs, and Linux desktops. With the association with VMware, the customized e-mailing solution goes beyond mailing, contacts, group calendar and task sharing. Moreover, it adds an instant messaging, large file storage as well as web document management to the upgraded mail collaboration suite.

Zimbra is much better than Microsoft Exchange, Gmail or any other mailing services used today. It is more flexible and compatible to different types of mobile devices and operating systems. For organizations with mixed end-user base, Zimbra could emerge as the best mailing solution. It can easily get configured on external and internal servers in order to configure mails to the users with or without internet access in the organization.

Some Major Benefits Of Zimbra Mail Server Are:

• The local server gets easily connected with the remote server to fetch mails from the remote server which serves the users without the internet access.
• Flexible, light and simple to use across multiple domains or any platform (Apple, Windows, Linux), with any mobile device (Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, flip phones).
• Zimbra provides fully incorporated antispam and antivirus capabilities to protect your significant mails.

Some Major Applications In Zimbra That Are Missing In MS Exchange Or Other Mail Servers Are:

• Apple i-Sync support
• Universal desktop client
• Flip phone J2E client
• Instant messaging
• Document management
• Briefcase/wiki
• Email grouping
• Cost less as compare to exchange
• All major browser supported
• Compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac.
• Integrated anti-spam/antivirus protection

The email collaboration suite is easier to upgrade and maintain and supports all major internet editions. Many internet companies offer complete email solutions, which assists in smoothing the mailing methods and make things more efficient. Like MS exchange, Zimbra too is user-friendly and easier for a beginner to learn the control panel and attributes. You can even enter your own feature requests in case you want to make any alterations.

Today, Zimbra has over 4 million paid mailboxes and as many open source version mailboxes as compare to Microsoft or any other email solutions. Presently this electronic mailing system is the best in the world and gaining popularity at a tremendous pace. Numerous reputed firms and institutions are replacing their existing email server with the Zimbra open source software.

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