It’s essential for online retailers to keep track of their sales efficiently and effectively if they want to tap into this global demand. Yet despite the surge in online shopping, one part of the eCommerce journey still causes a pain point to many retailers — managing their online returns. ZigZag Global provides a SaaS platform to help eCommerce retailers manage returns both domestically and globally. The company understands the importance of strong communication in the returns process to retain loyal customers and grow sales revenue.

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Al Gerrie, the Co-founder and CEO built ZigZag Global after 20 years of experience as a retailer. He knows the issues and challenges faced by retailers managing their online returns first-hand.

In the Foreseeable future

In conclusion, Al Gerrie expresses that online returns will continue to dominate the landscape. eCommerce grew by around 50% over the last year, and that new level looks here to stay. Naturally, returns are an inevitability of shopping online as the bedroom takes on the role of the fitting room. The company’s recent Retail Returns Study 2021 found that 79% of people check the returns policy page before purchasing, with 42% abandoning their basket if they don’t like what they see. So, there will always be a need for a returns solution in the modern retail world as they continue to impact purchasing decisions.

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