When you build a business based on what feels good to you, it’s a guarantee for profits and fulfillment. But what happens when there is a tug-of-war between what feels good and what you’re supposed to do in business?

It can feel very scary to do what feels good. It may seem selfish, uncaring to your customers or team, and even irresponsible. But all of these notions have been taught to us, and are far from the truth. In fact, buying into that line of thinking will make you miserable and broke.

Inspiration vs. responsibility is a fight you will encounter often in business, so it's best to prepare yourself now so that inspiration wins.

I’ll use an example that came up in my Flashpoint membership program this past week. The topic we focused on this month was ‘List Building Made Fun’. I was coaching the members on how to attract their ideal customers to their mailing list and keep them there.

Many of the members, like me, have an ezine and/or a blog where they regularly post articles, give tips, and share videos that give value to their followers. One of the members is knee deep in a project that thrills her down to her toes. All she wants to do is focus on that project. She doesn’t want to post to her blog right now.

What’s a business owner to do when they regularly give informative posts to their followers and there is zero inspiration to do so? And what if you really want to keep your people happy so they stay on your list? And what if even more so, you want to continue building that list while you focus on projects you love?

Don’t make yourself do anything. Yet.

There are the usual solutions like:

• Have guest bloggers
• Post the news about your current project and tell your peeps to stay tuned
• Post lessons you’ve learned while doing your current project

And you also have the option of doing nothing. Yes, nothing. If you don’t feel inspired to do the task then please don’t take action. Your end product (or post, in this case) will be flat and well, not really inspiring.

But what if you feel that none of the above feels good because you’re worried that your peeps will unsubscribe, go away or plain ole lose interest?

Still take no action. It’s times to relax so you can align your energy with what you want which is: Focus on the inspired project while continuing to build your list.

Once you decide that this desire is not non-conflicting and you can have it, your Inner Business Expert will guide you to the ideal solution. You must always do what feels good, when it feels good.

Inspiration can’t be rushed, forced or squeezed out of you. So don’t bother trying.

When you continue to trust and follow your guidance, YOU get to do what you enjoy. The rest will take care of itself. You’ll either come up with a solution that feels good or you’ll notice that your list grows despite your lack of posts.

Zero inspiration is not a problem. It just means that it’s not quite time to take action….yet.

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