The Human Design System is a powerful tool to help you understand yourself and others. When you meet Human Design, it gives you a map of the nine centers of the body graph. Through this visual image, you can
• See who you are.
• Identify your true nature.
• Distinguish between yourself and your conditioning.
• Understand behavioral patterns and habits.
• Uncover the dynamics of your relationships.
• Know who your partners, friends and children are.
• Learn to live consciously and in harmony with others.

Human Design is immensely helpful if you want to live a more conscious life. For your personal growth, and healthier relating, the Human Design System is an incomparable jewel.

Once you begin to grasp even just one aspect in your own nature that is the button or trigger, you will start to clarify your own "realm of responsibility." This is a hidden key we've all been searching in the dark to get. Who brings what into a fight?

It's liberating and useful in any possible relationship situation - romance, friendship, family, parenting, teaching, counseling, workplace - there's no limit to the applications. But the greatest and most useful application is to Know Thyself.

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Zeno has been using Human Design in her daily life to find ease, acceptance of life's surprises and blessings and to master the energetics that can be seen and accessed through Human Design.

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