Picture your heart’s desire as already having happened or taken place if you want something, so say many inspirational gurus. In other words, you have to believe something to be possible and having actually savored it in your mind as real and acted as if it is real. A tall order for many, but analyze your life. When you have achieved some achievement or success such as passing a course or bagging a job, did you secretly believe it was yours? How did you prepare? Did you act as if you could achieve it? If the answer is yes, then you know that there may be some truth in the following process.

1. Decide what you want.
2. Picture it as already happened
3. Act as if it has already happened

You may already know that the success process works or at least when you feel confident it is more likely to work. Whether you are sceptical or a total believer, give it a test drive. Start with good, wholesome things and then when your belief is stronger, use it for more success. Think about it another way. It is a process of thinking that certainly is a very nice way to think. You actually believe that you will be successful in the things that you like to do, and that cannot be bad.

The words: secrets of success is an expression to mean a method, a formula or a plan that is known only to a few people or people in the know. Many people may know the secrets of success but do not use them. Whether or not you believe in secrets of success, you should believe in plans of actions. The secrets of success, in effect, is a plan for success. So use a method or plan for success that works for you.

Blessings are about a thought process too. If you get into the blessing mode too, you also have greater belief in the goodness of life and that you can have your fair share of the good life that comes from success. May you be blessed with greater success.

B: Belief is the key to getting what you want. Believe you can do it, believe it is yours, believe that it is good for you, your life, your world and the world at large.
L: Learn to to be more positive. Learn to believe in positive outcomes for you. There is a process, a process of thinking that at the very least makes you feel good but can actually transform thoughts and actions into demonstrable success.
E: Endeavor to be more. More of what you want, more of what is good for you and good for the world.
S: Success comes to those who employ successfully the secrets of success. Believe, picture, act as if the wholesome picture is achievable and will be achieved. A dream that is actualized.
S: Secrets of success are pivotal points that propel you forward to greater success.

Y: Yes I can. Say yes to greater success.
O: Optimize your options. We all have something. Take that something and transform it into greater success.
U: Utilize success methods that work for you.

B: Believe, believe, believe. I believe in my ability to be successful.
L: Lasting vision. I live with wholesome visions.
E: Embracing Belief. I embrace all the good things that are good for me and my world.
S: Secrets of success are real. I use all the secrets that work for me.
S: Success principles work for me. I see success in all I do.

Y: Yes I can. Yes I will. Yes I will do more of the things necessary for my success and the world’s success.
O: Opitimize. I optimize all my options.
U: Utilize. I utilize my mind powers to maximum effect.

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