Did you know that your skull holds three brains, each built on top of the other serving different purposes and functions? The ancient reptilian brain, which is about 500 million years old, is the oldest and smallest part of the evolving human brain. This brain center is concerned with the fundamental processes of keeping the body alive, needs of survival and safety, fight, flight or freeze. When a situation of either real or perceived survival is at hand, the ancient brain overrides the newer, more complex rational components of the brain.

Next in the evolutionary scale comes the limbic system, which is about 50 million years old, which among other things is concerned with emotions and the avoidance of pain and the seeking of pleasure. The newest brain center, the 2.6 million year old neocortex, is on top of the older brains and controls higher-order thinking skills, reason, language, creativity, visions and dreams. The right and left hemispheres along with the frontal lobe are all a part of the neocortex.

The newest brain, the neocortex is responsible for complex thought, social interactions, and finances. When the older parts of the brain are triggered, they completely override the dreams and goals of the neocortex. Fear and safety always override rational thought – that is how you are hard wired!

Until the ancient brain patterns of fear and terror are cleared or at least neutralized, they will override peace and harmony thus undermining and sabotaging creativity, dreams and visions. As each part of your brain is cleared from old patterns, new neural connections and new ways of behaving and seeing the world can arise. The high frequency of gratitude works to release the old and bring in the new.

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Dr. Miller has spent over thirty-years as a psychotherapist and later as a consultant exploring the cellular structures of thousands of people, assisting them to live in greater health, prosperity, joy, and delight.