Your thoughts control you moods. This is simply the way it is, we must think, or something must reach our intellectual mind to be processed and understood before we can feel anything. If someone insulted you in a language you do not understand, however they put on a sweet face and gentle voice, you would not get upset. But as soon as the words have been translated, your mood would swing. This proves that thought precedes emotions and therefore your mood.

With a little objective self-observation you will find that you do not have control over your thoughts and so neither over your moods. To test this, keep your mind focused on the sensations of your right hand, temperature, textures, etc for five minutes while watching a movie. Put in all the effort you can to stay focused on your hand, having an alarm set for five minutes, and then see how present you have been. All spiritual practices are geared towards being able to control your thoughts which are currently  in the control of what we will call for the sake of this little article, demons. 

The demons of greed, jealousy, selfishness and many other human conditions control your thoughts. The worst one is loneliness. Being alone, and I do not mean just momentarily but feeling alone in your life, is the worst and most powerful of all the demons. The power it has is from its hidden nature, we most often deny that it exists. Think of everything you do or want and see if ultimately it does or does not come down to securing a companion, friend or the respect of even strangers.

As we have lost touch with our spiritual side we have come to rely fully on the human realm. Even if it all works well, the subconscious knowledge that a person may leave, move to another country, or die at any time makes even a perfect human companion a gateway for the demons to enter, through fear.

There is only one true comfort and that is the connection to the spiritual realm. When you can feel the presence of a companion who will not leave and cannot die, you will be content. 

But this is unrealistic because that will not satisfy your human physical needs. However, having developed a strong connection that you can access at any time will bring moments of joy until you desire nothing more than to rest in this union.

Here you will banish the demons by filling your thoughts with happiness and true lasting love. To do this you must eliminate all negative thoughts. To do that you must fill your mind constantly with thoughts of the companion or what some people call angels or God, whatever you perceive that to be.

Although this sounds a bit ridiculous, impossible, unrealistic or perhaps too religious or new age nutty, it really is quite practical and everyone has done this but has forgotten.  

Children have invisible friends. They are not make believe but parents tell the child to banish this imaginary childish game. That is the beginning of the end. 

For some lucky reason I never lost my friends until I experienced severe troubles in my life which made me lose my constant awareness and I became depressed.  Your awareness is like the phone call, you must initiate the call to get their response and presence in your life. That started the downward spiral to negativity and allowed the demons to take control bit by bit until I almost totally lost my connection. 

This morning I realized, even though I already knew it, that my moods and emotions are fully under the control of my thoughts and my thoughts are subject to what I choose to think or default to whatever rubbish falls in.

What I think is subject to the demons if I do not put in a tremendous amount of conscious effort to keep my thoughts focused. The demons do not want me to be happy or they lose the battle to control my world. 

Yes it is a bit of a science fiction movie. Where do you think they get the ideas for the stories? Most science fiction stories are taken from ancient mystical traditions which have taught about our life and challenges as being trapped in human form and separated from our true nature. 

The spiritual exercises are meant to keep your mind focused at all times and that takes tremendous effort.  The most difficult part is that if you did what it takes to find true contentment you would be seen as nutty and rejected. 

One of my dearest friends had a high level corporate job in a multinational and was fired because he spoke of his daily meditation although that was 20 years ago things may not be much different now. 

Will you find a way to develop this companionship and remove all negative thoughts from your mind so you can be free?  It is not easy and may take years but you must never ever give up. The connection will return.

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