October is almost here, and with it a truly gorgeous time of year. My favorite, truth be told, and such a delightful time to reconnect with the Earth by walking about in late autumn sunshine, especially in the woods. Our Canadian friends (rightly, in my opinion) celebrate Thanksgiving this month, the harvest is in for most of the country, Halloween – the original Celtic New Year – is weeks away, so all the way around it really feels like the perfect time to step back and assess the wonders in your life. To walk in gratitude, literally, for that which you already possess.

But five minutes spent watching any television these days will leave you feeling tired, fearful, and as if you are not enough. About as far from grateful as you can get, right? Remember to regard all of this for what it is – a story. It is not YOU. Your dreams, your goals, and you yourself still are completely intact, and unchanged. Remember to keep your awareness, your consciousness on the ABUNDANCE you have, your ability to find solutions, and – especially upon waking and before falling asleep – your fantastic vision. Hooray that you have intuition – your factory installed GPS – to guide you as clearly as ever in making decisions! The story you see going on around you may change your vehicles for getting to your vision, but not your method for making decisions or the ultimate goal. Continue to walk towards that vision of yours with confidence, love, and gratitude knowing that it is as solid as you are.

As ever we find this a perfect time to LAUGH!!!! Laughter changes energy of a situation to a much lighter level, grounds us, refocuses us on what is truly important, and gets us breathing deeply and seeing things clearly, not to mention it feels great. With trick or treat around the corner we invite you to find new “tricks” and share your laughter with many.

Now if I may leave you with a really bad joke I overheard getting my haircut … Q: What do you call cheese that isn’t yours?
A: Nacho Cheese. (laugh)

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Laura, America's Intuitive Coach, is a healer, intuitive, and author of "Getting Lucky 27 Quick Tips For College Students - Achieve Your Vision Through Strong Intuition". She has numerous radio and television appearances. Laura "reads" for people in individual consultations as well as coaches and speaks on strengthening intuition in your daily life. She can be reached for questions and comments at Love@LaughingDivas.com