When you have a problem or a question that you are working through or asking yourself, use your inner knowledge to find the answers.

We each have our own inner wisdom and guidance system. The key is understanding how to listen.

The first step is to set aside time to quiet your mind. With kids running around, the telephone ringing or the TV blaring it isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Set aside a few minutes a day just to be alone with your thoughts. When you allow yourself time to reflect you will be amazed at the answers you can obtain.

When you are in your quiet zone make certain not to make it a worry session. Don’t sit and fret over an unpaid bill, the upcoming day or a job you aren’t enjoying. It will be normal to let these thoughts slip in, however recognize them, acknowledge them and let them go. At that point you can refocus on peace and quiet.

As you sit in thought, ideas may begin running through your mind. Some may even seem too simple to be of use. Don’t toss out any idea. This is your inner guidance system! Look forward to the knowledge that you can receive!

One great way to tap into your inner wisdom is through journaling. Write out a question or an problem you would like a solution to and just jot down whatever comes to mind. This method can also help you to keep a record of your thoughts! Looking back over your questions and answers can become a great resource for inspiration!

I tend to have my best ideas near water! It seems that almost any time I am hit with a brilliant idea….it is in the shower or bath. I have had business ideas, marketing ideas, figured out how to approach a difficult situation and more…just by relaxing in or near water.

The more you take time to quiet your mind the easier it will be to recognize answers as they come to you. However simplistic it may seem it really works! Enjoy the process and become empowered!

Author's Bio: 

Allison Moseley Moss is the founder of Flow Feng Shui. A contemporary mix of Western Feng Shui and the inner balancing work necessary to achieve the life you desire. Twelve years of Feng Shui study and practice led her to create a system which supports the self while creating a serene environment. Balance truly comes from within.

Drawing from her Feng Shui background she incorporates Reiki into her practice to sense and uplift energies within any home or environment. Working with dual modalities creates greater success for each client.

Allison is the author of numerous published articles on Feng Shui, a former talk radio co-host of Your Inner Journey Talk Radio and guest Host of 11:11 Talk Radio which are now heard nationally on Voice America, guest speaker, workshop facilitator and is a former Staff Feng Shui practitioner at the Believe~Choices for Conscious Living Center in Lexington, S.C.