The first article in this series, which presented the channeled spiritual writings from the first section of Chapter One of Lessons from the Source: A Spiritual Guidebook for Navigating Life’s Journey, explained that we are one with the entire Universe and with the Source that created it, and that our challenge while living on earth is to accept that truth and live our lives based on it ? even if we can’t begin to understand it.

There is Goodness in Everything
The second section of the book, which appears below, expands the scope of the challenge by setting forth the concept that there is goodness in every aspect of creation. It explains that the Source energy, or substance, that is present in everything is “the source of all goodness and all blessings.”

If we can arrive at a point of accepting the basic premise of our unity with the Source and all of its creation (even without being able to understanding it intellectually), it would seem to be a logical conclusion that we also are one with its goodness, and consequently that there is good in every condition and situation.

The following passages are taken verbatim from the second section of Chapter One of Lessons from the Source.

We Exist in the Substance We Need
The illustration of the fish in the water has been used many times, but it is always appropriate, because it is perfect. The fish is in the midst of the substance it needs for survival. It exists in that substance. That is all it knows. It moves easily and effortlessly through the substance and is totally accepting of its existence. There is no need even to think about it. Total, complete, unthinking acceptance. This is what you should strive for, because you exist in the substance necessary for your survival just as the fish does. You eventually will reach the point of not even having to consciously stake your claim to your good, for you will realize that you and it are one and inseparable throughout eternity.

See and Experience Only Goodness
Remember me as the source of all goodness and all blessings. Know that you are one with me, and that you are my expression in the physical world. If you are one with the source of all good, you then must also be one with the good itself. It is already with you and part of you. If you can believe this beyond a mere intellectual understanding and build your faith and your life on earth around it, then you will be able to call forth any righteous desire of your heart.

My goodness is what you and your world are made of. It is the substance in which you live and move and have your being. It is all there is in reality. Enjoy this truth. Celebrate it. Accept it and believe it unconditionally. If you can arrive at the point in which you see and experience only goodness, you are experiencing the Kingdom of God.

One Power ? A Power for Good
Always remember that there is only one power, and that power for good is within you and around you and constantly accessible to you. Draw on it. Use it. Seek it out. Rely on it. Love it. Praise it. Be humbled by it. Be exalted by it. It is the reality in which your being exists.

If you accept as truth that there is only one presence and one power in the universe, and that that is my presence and power for good, then you must accept also that there is good in every situation or condition, no matter how difficult it may be for you to perceive.

Your good is there for you. It simply has not yet been made manifest in the physical world. Rest secure and remain confident in the knowledge that it will come forth at the perfect time in the overall scheme of things. As long as you hold firmly to this certainty, you will realize your goals.

You must remember to focus on the good—for that is all there is. Though you might not be able to understand or comprehend it, know with total certainty that there is goodness in every person and thing and situation, for “There is no spot where God is not,” and I am total goodness.

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Jack Armstrong is an explorer on the spiritual path whose life's journey has included stops as a nonprofit executive, Peace Corps volunteer, congressional candidate, small business owner, voiceover artist and hospice volunteer. In Lessons from the Source: A Spiritual Guidebook for Navigating Life's Journey>/b>, Jack shares, for the first time, a series of remarkable channeled spiritual teachings he received over a 30 year period, but until now had kept entirely to himself.

Written in simple, easy-to-understand language, this spiritual guidebook offers a refreshing perspective on spirituality and on issues we struggle with regularly: the nature of life's journey, the challenges we face, ways to overcome those challenges, and opportunities to make the journey more enjoyable. Like Conversations with God and A Course in Miracles, the insights found in Lessons from the Source reflect a source of wisdom that sheds light on the deeper truths of our life on earth. To learn more about the book and read excerpts, visit