My first website was years overdue when I first discovered Erik Stafford, the Faster Webmaster.

I used to be really intimidated by the mere idea of creating a website. Actually, that's an understatement. For the longest time, the idea that I could create one myself never even occurred to me. Instead, I kept wondering when I would ever find the money to have someone else create one for me.

When I first found Erik Stafford's Faster Webmaster program, I was quite skeptical. What, me do all this by myself? But then I took a closer look...

His ad said that a grandmother learned how to do it in no time flat, and so I figured that if she could do it, maybe I could too. The ad worked just the way it was supposed to. And as it turned out, the program it sold did too. It really delivered the goods.

Next thing I knew, I was actually doing it! I still have a huge smile on my face whenever I remember the moment when I typed my domain name into the browser window for the first time and there it was: my first ever website, just the way I wanted it.

How in the world did the Faster Webmaster manage to turn techno-phobic old me into a web enthusiast? Here's how:

For starters, he provided (and continues to provide) access to a membership site (for a one-time fee), where the course with an ever-growing stash of supplementary resources is located.

The course proper consists of a series of modules with friendly and VERY clear step-by-step instructions on how to get a domain name, get a web hosting company, make the two talk to each other, and then set up that first website.

Now I know there are a few other courses out there, some of which I may review in the near future. It's a growth market, obviously. So what makes Erik's course so special?

The combination of written-down and printable instructions AND screen shots AND videos. He has it all. And I needed it all too. I learn best when I have written-down detailed instructions to refer back to before, during, and especially after watching the instructions on video, and certainly while doing anything on my website. It's all there. And for one of the best prices going.

But there's more. Erik continually adds to his course. There are now a number of bonuses, including modules on how to add pictures, how to submit your site to search engines, and so on.

Best of all, Erik is a really nice guy and very helpful. I remember how surprised I was when I first wrote him with a question and actually got a personal response right back - fast!

Most other gurus make you fill in a web form and then they have "their people" write back within a day or two or three...Not that The Faster Webmaster leaves many open questions in the first place. Erik continually updates and refines his program, which everybody who bought it once has continuing access to. He has also added a very comprehensive FAQ section, which pretty much takes care of most questions.

For anyone who, like my former self, is intimidated by technology, or for anyone who has been driven insane by technical challenges, or is simply paying through the nose to have someone else do it all for him or her, The Faster Webmaster is the perfect solution.

Just like the sales page says, anyone can learn to create and maintain their own website! And, surprise! It's really not that hard.

In fact, once I learned how to build my own websites, I couldn't believe what a racket the web gurus had going by making us newbies believe it was oh so difficult. And it won't take long either. Maybe a week, max. If you're really motivated, you might even be able to start from scratch and have it all set up and working in an afternoon.

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