Taming your tongue is a major factor in reaching your highest potential for your life. Sometimes when we are in stressful situations, we say things that we really don't mean or that we should not speak. Those are the times we often blurt out negative words without thinking first and the repercussions are long lasting. If you prepare yourself to cultivate better habits for what comes out of your mouth, you will be doing yourself a big favor. You can either feed the flesh, your ego mind and say what you think or you can feed the spirit, your soul and push yourself forward to reach your highest potential. Just remember our choices sometimes lead us down the wrong path!

We all need to be careful with our words! It is important to use your words to build yourself and others up and not cut them down. We all have a responsibility to ourselves to use our words positively, especially if you want to reach your highest potential and manifest for your life.

If needed, may I suggest that you ask your God to help you be slow to speak and take a moment to think about what you want to say. I have found that there are times when I become so upset that I need to cool down my mind and anger and think everything through before I act too rashly. It is far better to use your voice to inspire, encourage and most definitely empower yourself and others to reach their highest potential too.

It would benefit each one of us more if we sowed respect, compliments, kindness and encouragement. One word can be the beginning of a major blessing or spark a fire. Do you want to be known as an inspirer, a hero, or a person who builds others up or do you want to be identified with harshness and intolerance?

It is a far healthier for each one of us to make wise choices grounded in wisdom and compassion. Time and time again on the various social media sites, people have blurted out words and statements that offend and injure and after all is said and done, they are embarrassed to find out that the world is watching. Your words will define you, your character and give others some insight into your soul. I am sure most of us would rather be identified as a person of knowledge and strength and not ignorance. Make time to slow down your thoughts and words and think before you speak. Carelessness is not an excuse. Understand that your words possess great power. No one can judge you for what you are thinking but everyone can and usually does critique you for what you say. Rest assured, someone somewhere is paying attention and if they ever choose to defame you, they will only have to look at your words to gain the material needed to do the job.

Author's Bio: 

Joan Marie is an accomplished Medical Intuitive, and Business Intuitive and is the founder and President of Joan Marie Companies. She is fast becoming the World’s leading authority on the teachings of Intuition and how to make your Intuition work for you in your life. She is famous for her uncanny details as a Medical Intuitive. People seek out her skill at being able to scan your body in search of clues for the disconnect as she sees the emotional link between the disease or situations happening in your over all health. Joan Marie has teamed up with Doctors from all over the world to consult with their patients to help resolve their medical problems. Many doctors refer their clients and encourage them to work with Joan Marie because they too realize that many medical problems are emotional based. She is also a medium and can communicate and deliver messages from loved ones from the other side. Joan Marie’s life mission is to not only awaken you to your true life’s purpose but to also assist you at the core of your soul with healing any emotional problems that are continually coming up in your daily life. Through her special talents and gifts Joan Marie can share with you the exact age when your problem began as she works with you to bring you specific tools to help you heal your soul and emotions.