Why Your Voice is King-Kong to Your Left & Right Brain, & Wins Your Present-Goals, & Influences Others to Follow Your Directions.

1. Your Tone (deep or high voice), and your Pitch (smooth or rough voice), is what often convinces people to follow your suggestions or not. We all luv the sound of a D-E-E-P and Smooth voice.

• 2. We are all convinced that folks judge our arguments (suggestions & beliefs) based on our WORDS – what we say, our meaning. That’s statistically only 17% of our appeal.

• 3. Please remember that 55% of how people judge us, is how we
LOOK to them as we’re standing there. Body-language is how we gesture, our posture (move), facial expressions, and our projected-attitude. Folks read our Emotions and decide if they like us. If NOT, they won’t believe what we say.

• 4. Last statistic: 38% of how we are judged by others is how we Sound when we are speaking and making eye-to-eye contact.

• Given the choice between hearing someone with a SMOOTH pitch, and a D-E-E-P voice, or a rough, high-sounding voice, guess
who WINS all the marbles? You can improve your Tone-And-Pitch, and get more of what you want of success, money & relationships.

• 5. Will you remember this? When we Hear ourselves speaking aloud, in a recording or in physical reality, our body reacts in a critical, dramatic way. How?

• Your heartbeat increases, your eyes BLINK faster, your blood pressure and respiration (breathing) move-upward. You and I increase the amount of Oxygen in our lungs, and GLUCOSE in our
Blood-Circulation. When others speak to us our bodily functions SLOW-DOWN.

• 6. We are going to show a baby-easy way to StressBust. Relax your mind-body connection, so you can influence, convince, and persuade people to follow your lead.

• 7. “Growling” like a Junk-Yard D-O-G! Can you growl like you mean it? Five (5) long-growls will immediately change your FOCUS from your left-brain of logic and reason, to your right-brain that controls your Emotions and Feelings.

• 8. Why? Growling like a dog releases emotional blocks like anxiety, stress, tension & fear. On the positive side, once you release, you activate a sense of allowing, positive behaviors, learning & improved long-term memory. Go emotional, right-brain.

• 9. Chose to intentionally LOWER your voice. The answer is always Tone (deeper), and Pitch (smoother). That’s what gets

• 10. Why should you change your “voice”?
“Emotions are located in the vibration of our voice. Words may LIE, but your Tone & Pitch reveal your true INTENTIONS, and it cannot be suppressed. Sound is a vibration, at a specific FREQUENCY.
• 11. Copenhagen University researchers offer evidence, SOUND produces the electrical impulses for neurons to communicate with each other, and with your organs, glands, and blood circulation.

• 12. Brainiacs only: Dr. Hans Jenny, Swiss scientist, says, “Sound shapes matter”. That includes our mind-body connection.

• 13. If you will devote Two-Minutes during your lunch-hour to sitting down and chanting the following baby-easy SOUND, you improve (align-balance-center) both left-and-right brains, for deep relaxation, improved energy, learning & memory.

• Two-minutes of A-U-M (OM!) meditation lasts for four-hours. And you can renew it, for the rest of the day.

• 14. The “A” is the same sound as in the word, ACCOUNTING!
The “U” is the same sound as in the word, WOULD!
The “M” is the same sound as in the word, SUM
The three-syllable sound is “A-U-M”. Many pronounce it as “OM”, but it is “AH-OU-M-M”.

• 15. Sit down and close your eyes. Take three (3) deep diaphragmatic (belly) breaths to relax.

• 16. Now keep a S-M-I-L-E on your face, as you inhale and say aloud, “A-U-M” three-times with each exhalation.

• 17. Mentally visualize your Present-Goal, as-if you have already attained it in physical reality. Ex. Driving your brand new car. Ex. See yourself being applauded receiving a $10,000 bonus, or winning a promotion. Now emotionalize it, and FEEL the specific
Emotion in your gut, bones, and heart.

• 18. One last secret, you must TWIDDLE-your-thumbs (Mudras), as you chant (recite) A-U-M, AUM, A-U-M, with each breath.

• 19. What else can you do with A-U-M?
Answer: Personal Healing, pain-release, and personal growth. The secret is that your left & right-brain take orders from your VOICE. You are King Kong of your mind-body connection, with all the power to create positive changes and behaviors.

• Endwords: you may not yet believe that your own voice can change the chemistry and electromagnetic field of your body and brain. We suggest you do a Mind Experiment, and judge for yourself. “And if it WORKS, use it!”

Copyright © 2012, H. Bernard Wechsler

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H. Bernard Wechsler, business partner of Evelyn Wood, creator of Speed Reading, graduating 2-million, including the White House staffs of four U.S. Presidents.
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