Almost three years ago I decided it was time to know what was TRUE for me, who I really was, regardless of what was true for the world and the people around me and regardless of what the world and the people around me were telling me should be true for me. It was much stronger than a decision, it was pure determination, it became the most important thing in the world.

The first thing I did was to drop all the people I had voluntarily hired to act as judges of my actions, thoughts and emotions: my therapist, my daughter’s therapist, the lawyer, the gym instructor, my boyfriend. Then I disciplined myself to meditate daily “my way”, i.e. actively training on my elliptic machine to the sound of mantras or New Age sounds for 40 minutes, and then sitting down quietly for another 20 minutes or so. Going on these daily odysseys helped me identify that whatever brought me to a state of peace was true for me, and whatever sent me to a state of fear and instability was not. Very soon I learnt that the new way to refer to this was that something either “resonated” with me or it did not. That awareness of an inner compass to discard what wasn't resonant to my heart opened up the possibility of going to the Internet for resources of inspiration and how other people had found their truth. The next step was being able to use this tool around my family, friends and everyone I encountered.

This part of the journey was fascinating and liberating, although it was by no means on a straight line. I would listen to someone with whom I resonated strongly and try their tools, in the hopes that they would guide me straightforward to my truth: after all, it was what had worked for them, right? They were speaking their truth so clearly and brightly that there was no doubt that they were coming from a place of transparency and truthfulness. The first couple of times I used somebody else’s tools and they did not lead me to the “enlightenment” of my truth, I became very disappointed and punished myself with thoughts and emotions of failure on my part. However, those tools were useful enough to bring me a few steps closer to my “goal” and did in fact make me aware that other people’s tools would be very useful in my moving forward, but it was necessary for me to stop “hoping” that any of those would be final and definite for me. At that point I felt my level of consciousness expand quite a few notches. And then the journey picked up, and “joy” was added to the mix of fascination and liberation.

Later on, while using the tools handed to me by other awakened beings, I started to develop some tools of my own. I even began to realize how many tools I had developed throughout my lifetime without knowing it. It was also interesting how the Runes –messengers I thought would someday lead me to “know the future”—transformed their message, brought me to the *present* and became faithful companions to get deeper into the hidden parts of my soul. In the midst of this process, most “awakened” beings started to feel repetitive, expressing truths in their own way, very resonant in my heart, but a mere “reminder” of what I already *knew*.

And then I felt the urge to share *my tools*, to express the shared universal truths in my own unique way. My whole self was pushing me to open up and share my journey and my tools. And so I put together my first workshop. In the process, I would tell myself that I was preparing it for me, regardless of whether other people found it useful or not.

And then came “the moment of truth”, an opportunity to test it in front of three dear friends who offered to be my guinea pig audience. It was a moment of pure vulnerability, of saying: “This is what has worked for me and I’d like to share it with you as a contribution to your journey and because the sharing is part of my essence”, releasing all expectations and desired outcomes.

Being among friends speaking honestly from my heart, giving all of myself felt like there was no other place I’d rather be, no other thing I’d rather be doing. It was pure bliss. Not only was I speaking and being listened to and received, but also my friends were contributing thoughts, experiences, ideas and their own truths to make it a really expansive celebration of consciousness.

At a certain point, while explaining one of my tools, one of my friends suggested a change that resonated more with him. I listened openly and realized the change did not resonate with me. So I told him that he should use it in the way that resonated more with him, but since it did not resonate with me, I could not transmit it because it did not reflect my truth. To this, another friend congratulated me because she felt my answer had empowered him and me at the same time, and that she, as an observer, felt a deeper trust in what I was saying.

The workshop was a great achievement. But to my even greater surprise, this morning a much bigger realization expanded my consciousness a lot more. The fact that I was speaking my truth so honestly and clearly struck a cord of truth in my friend, which made him open up to his truth in my presence. So, it is not about my truth resonating with you, it is about me speaking my truth so authentically that in that light your truth has no other option but to make itself seen.

But, isn't there supposed to be just ONE truth? Yes, but the truth I’m speaking of is the purity of our “true essence”, our “soul identity”, that which makes each of us unique, that which once known to ourselves, all comparisons, lack of self-worth, inadequacy and insecurities cease to exist. So, today my contribution to you is to write from the purest truth of my essence known up to this moment in the certainty that a part of your truth will come out to reveal itself to you any time soon…

Author's Bio: 

Following her Scorpio eagerness for the esoteric, Argentinian Carolina Iglesias found in the Futark Runes a tool of connection between the visible and her powerful intuition. English was the key to access tools that link the occult and daily experiences. She attended several teleseminars and classes where she acquired multiple consciousness tools and even developed her own. Her training continues with Elyse Hope Killoran’s powerful programs. Her multiple and expansive ways of BEING are described in English and Spanish on the website