Mavis was a beautiful young woman, but she was in prison !
I worked with this capable and promising young woman for many years. Unfortunately, underneath all that beauty lurked a sad secret. She had a “habit of thought” that she was worthless. That she would not and could not be successful. That she would not and could not ever be loved. That she was not worthy of anyone’s admiration and respect.
Despite all the advice of others that she was just like any other worthy human being, and could achieve whatever she wanted, she retreated more and more into herself. She continued to feed her mind with thoughts of failure and loss. Daily, weekly and year after year her diet of negative thoughts began to change her personality and her life . . . . and not for the better !
Finally she became a prisoner of the template she had created. The prison bars of failure, fear, discouragement and loss surrounded her and captured her soul. She lived in another world . . . a world of hopelessness and despair.
In time she gave up and died, but we couldn’t bury her, because she was still breathing. All her faith, joy and hope had died. Life for her was now an empty, tedious, pointless and painful wait for the final breath. We tried to reach her, but she had closed the doors of communication and lived in her own world of negativity and failure. Finally she stopped breathing and sadly, we buried her.
Have you put yourself in the prison of negativity and failure? Have you lost all hope, and shut yourself away in the prison of your mind? William James, America’s famous psychologist maintains, along with most of today’s educators and sages, that you can alter your life by altering your habit of thought.


Clementine today is a supremely happy and satisfied woman, at peace with herself and with her Maker. But Clementine was not always Free.
Clem, as she is affectionately called was once a slave to fear and doubt and indecision. She was once a prisoner too. But Clem would not succumb to failure. She would not give up. She searched and struggled and persevered until she found the secret. Finally she discovered that success starts on the inside. That money and fame and material “toys” is only an illusion and an empty promise. She started focusing on the inside.
She recognized that her thoughts and emotions was where true success lay. Day by day she marshaled her thoughts and guided them into the pathways of love, respect, forgiveness and hope. She developed the habit of thinking positively. She learned the value of quiet moments . . . . moments of reflection. “Who am I? ” “What is my Purpose ?” “Why am I here? ” She learned how to meditate and get in touch with her inner self. She learned about the power of her subconscious mind.
In time Clementine experienced a transformation. She left the “fear and doubt and indecision” of yesterday, and replaced it with confidence, happiness and success. Today she is a successful entrepreneur at the centre of an organization that provides health and wellness to her clients. She provides leadership in her field by organizing and managing an annual conference to which hundreds of her professional colleagues attend. She was nominated and elected as Woman of the Year in her community.
But most important of all, Clementine is surrounded with a loving and adoring family. She is a healthy, happy and successful person.

Excerpt from: “Life One-0-One: Find Your Purpose”

by Vince DaCosta . . .
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Author's Bio: 

Vince DaCosta is an Author and Professional Speaker. he is a specialist in Communication and Leadership techniques and spent 30 years teaching and training employees and managers. He has authored two books:

"Influence Persuade and Win / 96 Powerful ways to Persuade"
"Life One-0-One: Find your Purpose"

Vince received the Award of Excellence for outstanding Academic contribution from Humber College / Toronto. he is an award-winning speaker, has been presented with the Distinguished Toastmster Award and received a Presidential Citation. He is a Past International Director of Toastmasters and a certified trainer.