Are you tired from all the running around you do each day? Have you been going and going and going? When was the last time you made love with your partner (or yourself?) I'm going to teach you THE most valuable tool for handling the every day stress. Ready? STOP.

What?? (Yep, you read correctly - STOP.)

The thing is -- it's an energetic thing. It's not easy or we'd all be doing it. It's not simple or you wouldn't be tired. And it's not exactly what you think -- it's deeper, and more subtle, but also wayyyy more powerful than you think!

It's an experience. Ready?

You see I have a tendency to put out a lot of energy. I'm passionate about my life, my children, my work -- pretty much anything I put my heart into, I am passionate about. And I learned early on that meant to put energy OUT. We all know what that leads to though -- exhaustion, fatigue, over eating, under sleeping, and being out of balance.

Our schedules are set-up for running on empty, putting energy out, and either getting sick or feeling wiped out by the time the weekend comes along. I have the remedy for you.

Here's how to actually STOP (my teacher Dawn Cartwright taught this to me -- I believe the roots are in Osho's teachings.) You have to trust me though and actually DO the following steps below:

#1. Sit down and take 3 long deep breaths. As you breathe in, gather your energy up -- bring it all back inside you. You don't have to know what I mean -- just hold the intention and it'll work.

#2. When you feel yourself more connected to your core, take a few more breaths -- in through your crown chakra (top of your head) and bring your breath (God) down through your body all the way to your feet. Do that a few times.

#3. are invited to practice STOP by doing the following very slowly as if a walking meditation: walk from room to room keeping a soft gaze; stop at the entrance to each room before entering and tell yourself STOP. Stand at the doorway, breathing deeply and come to a place where your entire body does not feel like it's going IN or coming OUT. Just stand there, still, with no place to go - not forward, not backward. Just STOP.

#4. Practice #3 above in every room in your house.

#5. Do this every day for one week and let me know how you feel.

When you feel overwhelmed, busy, tired, and wondering how you're going to get everything accomplished -- remember STOP. It's a life-saver! Truly.

Author's Bio: 

Robyn Vogel, MA, LMHC, is an intimacy coach who serves the community by offering Tantra-infused counseling to couples, individuals and groups. For 20+ years, she has been supporting others in creating more love in their lives. She has been trained in several body-oriented modalities which support her spiritual approach to healing and her deep connection to this work: Reiki energy healing, Chakra-balancing, Internal Family Systems, yoga therapy, EMDR,and family mediation. Find out more at