“We want to change our lives, rather than use our lives, the present moment, as part of our spiritual practice. But, in order to really capture the energy of nirvana and become one with it, we need a partnership with the ordinary world. If we never tire of situations, our energy is joyous. If we are completely open, fully awake to life, there is never a dull moment. The bodhisattva does not strive at all, he just lives.”

Chogyam Trumpa

Dear Friend,

Eclipse season is almost upon us again, and this time it is going to be, without doubt, one of the most powerful opportunities for accelerated change in this or any lifetime.

Why? Because, while Solar (New Moon) and Lunar (Full Moon) eclipses occur every six months, ratcheting up the intensity as they set the tones and themes to come, this total solar eclipse, on March 20th, the Spring Equinox, at 5:36 AM EDT, is at the last degree, last few minutes and in the last sign of Pisces. Within the same hour of the eclipse, the Moon enters Zero Aries, as does the Sun later in the day, signifying the big bang energy of creation.

We can use this explosive energy to personally reboot ourselves and our lives with a totally new perspective—as if we were actually starting a brand new incarnation within the same space/time co-ordinates—and with a potentially rebooted body, as well. Spring forward indeed!

If we want to wrap our heads around this big bang concept on a personal level, let’s start with the idea that we can start our day over at any time by adjusting our attitude. Then, let’s multiply this idea exponentially by starting our incarnation over—right at the time of the eclipse—with a vision of that which we could become if we realized our soul potentials. For, outside of the ego’s tools of linear space and time that we use to function in the earth plane, our highest point of co-creative power can only be realized if we are full present in the Eternal Now.

Planetary transits occur in regular cycles to reboot our Dharmic path (i.e. path of highest truth and right action). These transits to our birth charts are pre-loaded into an incarnation before entry: The Saturn return cycles at ages 28-30 and 58-60, the Uranian opposition cycle at 38-42, and the Chiron return at age 50, to name a few.

And now, in addition to these regular astrological cycles, this upcoming New Moon Equinox Eclipse offers us a perfect opportunity to create a completely fresh and clear realignment with Source. So why wait?

When we view the Earth as a school for soul development, with each incarnation being a different class in our overall curriculum of developing the fullest range of our humanness—then how else could our present life circumstances be viewed as anything other than the perfect vehicle for our karmic lessons to play out? For more on this see: LEELA

Therefore, to make this the fullest possible reboot of the screen of our perceptions, we need to let go of the “if onlys” and embrace our curriculum by affirming:

1. My body is the perfect vehicle for my karmic lessons and soul growth just as it is . . . and smile.

2. My relationships—with people, places, things and circumstances—are all perfect vehicles for karmic healing and soul growth just as they are . . . and smile.

3. My abundance challenges on all levels are perfect vehicles for my karmic healing and soul growth just as they are . . . and smile.

Remember: For a total reboot on all levels—we need to be fully present in the Now—as this is the point of co-creative power that opens up our consciousness to the Eternal. No “if onlys” allowed!

As we move forward this Spring in our new refreshed life, we’ll be tested with a major review of past choices and lessons. That’s especially because Saturn, our Karmic Teacher, is retrograding from March 14th through August 2nd, and kicking off our review in earnest from June 14th on, when Saturn moves out of sunny Sagittarius and back into the final degrees of depth-charging Scorpio.

This means that when we are presented with people or circumstances from our past—that we know we've outgrown—but may still appear as safe, secure and comfortable (i.e. stagnant)—we need to choose to pass and not fall back into old relationships or behaviors that could sabotage our rebooted consciousness. This includes attachment to body karma/health challenges for identity—as long as we’ve gotten the karmic lessons inherent within the symptoms. For more on this:

“Why is This Happening to Me?" Body Karma Explained

The ego’s perennial shell game is to want: “more, different or better” or “familiar, safe and secure.” But, from the soul perspective, we know that embracing our relationship with Life—just as it is—as our perfect guru, or spiritual teacher—is the only way to claim our co-creative power in the NOW.

The ego’s shell game is a sabotage to distract ourselves from our True Nature, and the testing of whether to play or not continues all the way through to the realization of our innate enlightened state and beyond. The tests just get more and more subtle, the higher we evolve.

When we choose to move through our discomfort and fear of the unknown to risk the growth we took incarnation for, then we can rest assured that we are passing our karmic exams—as the most loving choice we can make for ourselves is to always go for evolution—growing pains and all.

So, if you’re continually disappointed with Life—just as it is—then know that you’ve been giving away your co-creative power in the NOW. Please consider using the energies of this Equinox eclipse season to reclaim your power and reboot your screen.

Here are some final reminders:

I. Preferences are a beautiful expression of our individuality, but attachment to these preferences, when they’re not met, sets us up for disappointment with WHAT IS.

II. Gratitude for WHAT IS sets up an accelerating upward spiral of abundance on all levels—as what we focus on and feed with our energies always grows.

III. If we cultivate inner stillness, we can feel the Heart of the Universe pulsing with the infinite love energies that comprise ALL THAT IS . . . and is the true gold-standard of abundance that we’ve been seeking all along.

Wishing us all a joyful reboot of body, mind and spirit . . . see you on the other side!

Smiling, J o a n

Enlightenment is the ego’s ultimate disappointment”

Chogyam Trumpa

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