You may feel the need to make a decision, yet unable to move one way or another due to feeling confused. Look at the situation logically and try a new approach to break the deadlock. You are not trapped and have full control on what you choose to do. Things are moving quickly and feeling chaotic due to the speed at which events unfold. Sometimes this quick action or unveiling is necessary, because it brings about better circumstances.

This situation may not be going as you anticipated or bad luck may be affecting matters. You need to be mindful of this because someone is taken something from you out of greed. It could be your money, your energy and/or time, but they don’t have any feelings of guilt as they do it. The way you are being treated is unfair and it’s your decision whether or not you decide to stick around.

Some of you will have offers coming your way like romantic invitations and proposals of marriage. And for most of you, you need to let go of those dead beats who are not good for you so that you can receive the invitations that could be coming your way. You have the ability and skills required to handle any task well and bring it to a successful conclusion. If you have someone bringing you down in your life, know you must apply yourself with concentration and willpower in order to succeed. This is the time for action and initiative. You need to have confidence and know you are heading in the right direction.

This is a time of self-discipline to break away from poisonous relationships that are not healthy for you. It’s time for some soul searching to build your self-esteem. Sometimes we get so caught up in other people’s feelings, we forget about our own. We stop taking care of ourselves and lose sight of who we really are.
We must learn to love ourselves before taking the time to love others.

In order to obtain victory, you must put in the work and show the effort to change the conditions of your relationships. You must do the inner work on yourself, in order to gain a healthy relationship with another. Your energy cannot be scattered and neither can your thoughts. Balance is required in all you do and no one will ever be able to deplete you.

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I am a spiritual intercessor who communicates with spirit guides. I provide messages sent to me by the ancestors and angels who watch over you in your everyday life. They have a divine message for you and I am here to make sure you receive that message and live in the Spirit.