Alright, most of you have followed the advice of Spirit in regards to improving your lifestyle and focusing on your goals and now it’s time to collect. You’ve spoken it into the universe, you’ve planted your seeds, and now you can see the beginning stages of your harvest. You remained focused and determined, and followed the instructions of Spirit and it is paying off.. Magic takes place when we combine our spiritual powers with our physical and mental abilities. When you master this principle, you will be able to manifest anything you want that’s in God’s will.

This is it, the first chapter of your new life. You are the creator and director of this movie and you’ve taken the proper steps to orchestrate exactly how you want it done. Some of you are breaking free of traditional beliefs and have decided to follow your own path. It’s a very exciting time and yet it feels like everything is falling apart. The atmosphere at home, arguing and bickering at love ones. Your energy has decreased at a time it should be sky high, but this is part of your transformation.

We all for the most part want to be successful and we have a certain vision of what success means to us, but we never take the time to think about the things and people in between. It’s a lonely road to the top especially if you’re not surrounded by people moving in the same direction. There are more steps to take and more preparing to do which will cut some people and some ideas out of your life.

You may have friends or family members who just can’t see your vision. Some people just don’t like change and don’t want you to exceed them. There are people in your presence who are jealous of your growth and family members who may want you to keep your traditional beliefs and practices, but you have made the decision to become a leader and take control of your life and this is making them very angry.

I know it’s stressful and hurtful, but you must understand not everyone is destined to be with you on this journey. There will be challenges and things will be different, but those meant to join you on this path will understand.

Victory is yours and good news is on the way. You’re flying above your obstacles and it’s so much easier to see the bigger picture from high above. You must keep communicating with your spirit guides to reveal your next steps. Spending quiet time alone is necessary at this time. Keep prayer and meditation part of your regime for protection and balance. And last, keep up the good work, keep being courageous, and moving towards your goals. Congratulations!

Author's Bio: 

Spiritual healer and advisor.