No matter how much you have struggled with a particular matter, no matter how impossible it may seem to imagine life without this old wound, addiction, problem, relationship issue or inner struggle being part of it, you are guided now to accept the possibility of miraculous healing. If you have felt constrained by a role, name or identity and are wishing for assistance in growing beyond it, or if you have a sensed a new role or identity calling you into a greater expression and would love some divine help in that growth, know that the help you need is already with you, urging that growth from within.

Balancing give and take, directing and flowing, play and solitude are ways to heal the relationship between your masculine and feminine energies. Connection with the body is the most powerful form of healing for the feminine energy because it holds the secrets to divine wisdom. Deep feminine wisdom recognizes the importance of cycles of rest and replenishment as essential to balance our actions of power and demonstration. You are asked to allow this replenishment for yourself now, trusting that you are in cycle of creation that is about to shift into a new phase. Release and enjoy the process without having to control or force it.

A dark phase and struggle is over. A new phase is upon you-one of hope and glory. It is won through boldness and persistence. You have been through much, and now victory is upon you. A new consciousness within you is born. You are being initiated into the magic of conjuring so as to have power to affect forces with lower vibrations through your own will and spoken words. You are guided to use this powerful gift with compassion and discernment, with mercy and non-judgement. You can manage any toxicity in your life swiftly and with great effect.

Honor the power of your voice whether through spoken or sung words, or through what you write, speak about or stand for symbolically. You have a potentially very powerful voice, and you are guided to recognize the responsibility that you have for what you proclaim through your voice.

Spirit calls upon you to test your willingness to meet and release your fears within that have been secretly holding you back. The gift of freedom, peace, opportunity and prosperity in all its forms is available to you now.

Author's Bio: 

I am a spiritual intercessor, writer ,and alchemist who communicates with spirit guides to help assist you in your spiritual journey. I provide messages sent to me by the ancestors and angels who watch over you in your everyday life. They have a divine message for you and I am here to make sure you receive that message and live your best life through Spirit.