Poverty consciousness and a sense of “this is not enough” will cast a shadow on your path. Your thoughts and beliefs come with a high cost so you don’t want to label yourself as a victim of disappointment. You are challenged to change the way you see the world and move from a perception of limitations to a perception of abundance. Take a risk, for you have nothing to lose. Open the door and find the abundance waiting for you to claim it.

Stop repeating lessons you don’t need to relearn. Surrender now to the fact that you are the common denominator in all these circumstances. Open your eyes to the things you wish to exit. Once you figure out that you have the power to stop going round and round, you possess the key to your freedom. Be good to yourself. It’s not about blame but accountability.

As you shift and evolve and commit to your own growth, some of you may longing for support but may be disappointed and hurt by others who are not providing what you feel you deserve. The issue at hand is to find out where you fit. Be true to your core truths and values. Address the need for belonging, and know that you will find your place with others of like mind and spirit.

Don’t compromise yourself to belong. It won’t be worth the price. Be clear about your mission, your brand, your work persona, and your contribution to the world. You will attract abundance by being completely yourself. Stay in your own lane. That’s where you will shine and where you’ll experience prosperity.

You are capable of having a clear vision about your work and how you create your prosperity. As a Divine spirit, you are aligned with your higher power to create miracles in your life. You are at your most creative now, and whatever you apply yourself will lead to the fruition of your dreams. Remember that all your ideas are channeled from a higher Source. You create your reality with the guidance and support of Spirit, so stay mentally and spiritually focused.

What you’re working on is golden, and your efforts will leave a powerful legacy. Focus not on meeting a goal in the far-off future but on creating your dream now, releasing your desire for an outcome and owning that it already exists. Claim your prosperity now. You can “act as if” in spite of the temporary outer conditions. You are prosperous at this moment. What you think now becomes your reality. Stay present.

Author's Bio: 

I am a spiritual intercessor, writer ,and alchemist who communicates with spirit guides to help assist you in your spiritual journey. I provide messages sent to me by the ancestors and angels who watch over you in your everyday life. They have a divine message for you and I am here to make sure you receive that message and live your best life through Spirit.