From the bestseller “Messages from your Soul” Book 1 in the series Conversations with DZAR

You sense that you forget your true Self but, as we have said before, you do not truly forget. You are a Being who when born feels your true essence, you know who you are and you can sense so much more of the world than many of you do now.

When you are a young child, you understand that there are two selves, two aspects of you. There is the one you feel so strongly inside of you, that is so familiar to you. This is your eternal essence that you bring forward from existence to existence, it is the part of you that you know is you, for it is your Soul. And then there is the one which feels new and unfamiliar, the one that responds to the touch of your parents, that smells the smells of your outside world, for it is your new physical self in this existence.

Many of the younger forms perceive their essence as an imaginary friend, and it is a friend but it is not imaginary. It is your Expanded Being and it is very real for, even though you cannot touch it in your physical world, you can feel its presence so strongly within you.
When you arrive in your new existence, you bring with you the awareness of your true essence so that you will have a familiar friend to talk with, to hold, to feel safe with. You stay in this remembering of your essence when you are young, and then when it is time for you to begin your own journey and to have the experiences you have chosen when you were here with us, your remembering of your Expanded Being fades.

When you are in this space, you see so much for you do not see things only as the physical form that they are, but you also see and feel the Energy of all things. Many talk now about children who have been called Indigo*, children who have a greater awareness of who they are. And we would say to you that all children are Indigo in this meaning, they always have been, and it is a name that was brought forward so the adults may recognise that there is something special about the little ones in their care. For all children come into the world with this expression, with a depth, with an understanding, with a seeing that is different to many of those who have come before.

So do you wonder why, if children have always been this way, it is only now in your times that you are aware of their special ways of being? Do you wonder why it is only now that books are being written to help all to understand it? If it is not they who have changed then it must be you, the adults, who are becoming more aware of this frequency, this essence of All That Is inside yourselves so that you can now feel it in the little ones. For without awareness of this essence within you, you cannot feel it or experience it in another. It is why we have said that the change always begins with you first, for that is key to your expansion and to experiencing this Energy in those around you.

As you grow as a little one, you begin to identify more with the physical world and less with the world of Energy. For remember, you have brought with you the expressions of Self and levels of disconnection or connection to your Expanded Being from previous existences so that you can learn and grow. So you begin to understand and form a sense of self that fits into your family and environment whilst attempting to stay connected to the expression of Self that you were when your friend was present, for that is always your goal. And we know that many of you have not found this an easy thing to do.

So, Young Ones, the more you become connected to who you truly are, the longer your friend will stay with you in each existence, until you and your friend can journey through every existence together. It is not that you need to be the child again, but you seek to experience the child’s truth within you, you seek to experience that sense of connection, to experience a world in which there is no separation and you are the complete expression of your true essence.

The understanding of the young child is the understanding of the Expanded Being. As a young child it is indeed the time in which you have been closest to your Soul, so treasure that space, allow yourself to reconnect to it and celebrate it when you see it in the little ones that are around you.

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