One of the greatest gifts my sales mentor ever gave me was the belief in myself that I could be successful. I can still hear John’s Scottish accent ringing in my ear saying, “Once you have done it once, no one can tell you that you can’t do it again!” As he coached our sales team to greater and greater heights, I realized that John always made a conscious effort to keep us motivated as part of his daily routine. Later when I managed my own sale team, I also made attitude coaching a part of my daily routine, and my sales teams flourished as a result.

As a sales manager, you will be more successful if you help your team stay positive. A negative attitude will cut into your team’s sales results like cancer cuts through a healthy body. Simply put, have the bad tissue surgically removed. More importantly, do something for your team each and every day to help them stay motivated.

A great way to do this is to have your team start and end each day with a positive thought. You could distribute or post a daily sales cartoon each morning. A good laugh can always put someone in the right frame of mind. If you don’t know where to find a sales cartoon, we post one each day in our Sales Resource Centre.

Then at the end of the day, have each member of your team call a happy customer. Not only does this drastically help with your team’s attitude because they leave the office feeling good about the company they work for, it does wonders for customer service too. It is also a great time to ask for referrals which can only help your sales results in the long run.

Another simple way to help your team stay positive is to use motivational quotes. One method that worked very well for me was to write a new quote on the white board in the sales room every day. As soon as they would arrive in the morning, every sales representative would see the day’s positive thought. It was amazing at how this put me and my sales team in the right frame of mind and made us all better mentally prepared to tackle the day.

Year later, I started to share these quotes online. Friends, family, and business associates all enjoyed them so much they started calling me “The Quote Lady.” More importantly, everyone’s positive attitude seemed to be contagious. The more the motivation spread, the more everyone became motivated!

That’s when I decided to pull together a collection of my favorite motivational quotes all in one place and created the eBook, “Daily Motivational Quotes - If misery loves company, then motivation must breed happiness”.

More motivational and sales management coaching tools and techniques are available in my eBook, Action Plan For Sales Management Success. I hope you and your team enjoys these quotes as much as I do. More importantly, I encourage you to share them! Remember, your thoughts control your outcomes and you control your thoughts. So help your team choose wisely!

Aim Higher!
Susan A. Enns, B2B Sales Connections

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Susan A. Enns is managing partner of B2B Sales Connections, a sales coaching website with free sales resources, online sales training, a specialized job board & free resume listing services for business to business sales professionals. She has a proven track record of success, with over 22 years of direct sales, management and executive level business to business experience. Her accomplishments include being the top sales rep in Canada, managing the top sales branch, and achieving outstanding sales growth in a national channel sales organization. She has written the downloadable e-courses “Action Plan For Sales Success” and “Action Plan For Sales Management Success”, created numerous automated sales tools, and she writes and edits the company’s newsletters. Currently Susan serves on the Leadership Executive of the Sales Professionals of Ottawa as President.